18.06.2020   12:50

Long-distance passengers can visit restaurant cars again

Due to the gradual easing of restrictions in the regions of Russia following the coronavirus epidemic, restaurant and bistro cars in long-distance trains, including the high-speed Sapsans, are once again open to passengers.

Passengers in dining cars are serviced in compliance with all recommended safety measures and provided with antiseptics for their hands. The dining cars are disinfected with special anti-virus agents at least twice a day. Staff in the restaurant cars use personal protective equipment such as medical masks and gloves, which are replaced regularly, and staff health is constantly monitored.

Passengers can also order dishes from the restaurant car menu and have them delivered to their seat or berth on the train. Orders can be placed through the carriageconductor.

Train dining cars had been temporarily closed to the public in accordance with an order issued by the chief government sanitary doctor for railway transport of the Russian Federation on 29 March 2020 in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. On trains where dining cars continued to operate, passengers could only have food ordered from the restaurant car delivered to their carriage.