16.03.2020   16:49

Boarding and disembarkation of passengers from transit trains at stations of the Republic of Lithuania cancelled

In connection with the announcement of Lithuanian Railways on preventing the spread of the newcoronavirus infection (2019-nCoV), the boarding and disembarkation of passengers at Vilnius, Kena andKybartai stations from trains transiting the territory of the republic have been cancelled from 00:00 on16 March 2020 until further notice.

Single and return transit passenger services to the Kaliningrad region are running as usual.This applies to passengers on the following trains:

  • No. 29 Moscow - Kaliningrad departing from Moscow from 15 March;
  • No. 30 Kaliningrad - Moscow departing from Kaliningrad from 16 March;
  • No. 79 St. Petersburg - Kaliningrad departing from St. Petersburg from 15 March;
  • No. 80 Kaliningrad - St. Petersburg departing from Kaliningrad from 17 March;
  • No. 359 Adler - Kaliningrad departing from Adler from 15 March;
  • No. 360 Kaliningrad - Adler departing from Kaliningrad from 16 March.

The cancellation of these services comes into effect on separate dates, depending on the timetable ofeach individual train.

Passengers can return tickets to and from Vilnius, Kena and Kybartai stations at Federal PassengerCompany ticket offices without incurring any addition charges and fees. Passengers can returnelectronic tickets using the web resources through which they purchased the tickets.