15.03.2020   16:47

Temporary procedures when crossing the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In accordance with a decision of the Government of Kazakhstan, procedures for crossing the stateborder of the republic have been temporarily changed for foreign citizens in order to minimise thespread of the new coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV).

From now on, all foreign citizens may only enter the Republic of Kazakhstan with internationaldocuments. Citizens from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) will therefore now require aforeign passport in order to travel to Kazakhstan.

An announcement will be made when the normal border crossing procedures resume.

Passengers who have bought tickets using internal domestic documents do not need to rebook theirticket or have them reissued. Boarding international trains travelling to and from the Republic ofKazakhstan will be made on the basis of the purchased ticket. To cross the border at the checkpoint,passengers will need to show a passport which they must carry with them.

At the same time, citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan currently in the Russian Federation and Russiancitizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan can return freely to the country with the same document onwhich they departed.

As the spread of coronavirus 2019-nCoV slows down, the usual procedure for crossing the Kazakhstan-Russia and Kazakhstan-Kyrgyz state borders will be resumed.

Returning, refunding, rebooking and reissuing tickets for direct trains to and from Kazakhstan are carriedout in accordance with the current regulations governing the rail transportation of passengers betweenthe countries of the CIS.