30.01.2020   14:53

Passengers can return China tickets booked at ticket offices of Russia’s railways without additional charges

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, passengers on long-distance trains who have plannedto travel from Russia to China by rail between now and 27 March 2020 inclusive can return unusedtickets booked in Russia at international ticket offices of the Federal Passenger Company withoutincurring any additional charges or fees.Passenger who have booked tickets for journeys from China to Russia in a foreign country, but decidednot to embark on the journey while in Russia, must apply to any point of sale of the Federal PassengerCompany to receive special stamps to that effect on the ticket no later than 6 hours before thedeparture of the train. Passengers holding tickets with such stamps should contact the points of sale ofthe foreign railway company which issued the tickets to obtain refunds.At present, trains No. 3/4 Beijing – Moscow and 402/401 Suifenhe – Grodekovo operated by ChineseRailways run between Russia and China. Non-stop carriages of the Federal Passenger Company alsooperate between Chita and Manzhoulie, and a group of carriages runs between Moscow and Beijing.The Federal Passenger Company is working closely with experts from Rospotrebnadzor. All FPCemployees who work directly with passengers (train crews and cashiers) have received special briefings.In particular, train crews are assisting medical workers at border crossing points, where enhancedmonitoring is being carried out using stationary and portable thermal imaging equipment.The interiors of all passenger trains are being treated with disinfectants and train crews are now givingpassengers special briefings on preventing the spread of infectious diseases.