11.12.2019   13:36

Announcement about train No. 23/24 Moscow - Paris in France

The French railway company SNCF announces changes to the route of train No. 23/24 Moscow - Paris in connection with the strikes of transport workers in France.

Train number 23 Moscow - Paris, departing on 10 December 2019, will proceed to Strasbourg station, arriving on 12 December at 05:14 local time.

On the Strasbourg - Paris section, passengers will travel on the high-speed train TGV 2404, departing from Strasbourg at 06:47 and arriving in Paris at 08:35 local time. Passengers will be able to board the TGV by presenting their tickets for the Moscow - Paris train number 23.

Train number 24 Paris - Moscow will depart from Kehl station 12 December. Passengers with tickets from Paris will travel to Strasbourg station by high-speed train TGV 2377, departing from Paris at 18:55 and arriving in Strasbourg at 20:41 local time. Next, a shuttle bus to Kehl station will be arranged. Boarding TGV 2377 and the shuttle bus will also be carried out by presenting tickets for the Russian train.

Passengers on Russian trains in foreign countries will be informed by the respective representatives of the foreign railway companies.

Federal Passenger Company staff are monitoring the situation and are in constant contact with the train crew.

Additional information and guide support will be organised by staff at SNCF and Russian Railways to help passengers with their orientation at the stations.

The Federal Passenger Company apologises to passengers for the inconvenience and asks for their understanding.

The FPC also asks passengers to plan their itinerary in advance in France and arrive at their departure station well in advance!