11.09.2013   18:36

Free internet access to Wi-Fi now available at 64 stations


As part of the Concept For The Effective Use of The Railway Station Complex at Russian Railways, complimentary broadband Wi-Fi Internet access has been installed at 64 locations of the Directorate of Railway Stations, a branch of Russian Railways.

By the end of 2013, the number of the Directorate's stations to be equipped with free Internet access will increase to 100. The service's coverage also extends to the wider area around the stations and could be constantly extended in line with user demand.

Taking into account the increased coverage at stations and their surrounding areas, the number of times passengers connect to the service has increased to 6,000 daily, mostly in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

At those stations with free internet access the Directorate this year plans to launch interactive information services, including station plans, ordering/booking taxis, making hotel reservations, the availability of parking spaces at station car parks and train timetables etc.

Currently, Moscow's Kursk station, as well as stations in Yekaterinburg and Perm are set to launch a pilot scheme of Wi-Fi offload technology, which enables automatic switching from mobile networks to Wi-Fi.

"This innovation is being introduced at our train stations and makes for a convenient environment. Mobiles or tablets automatically switch to a Wi-Fi network if the mobile operator has an appropriate tariff plan. This service has become widespread all over the world due to the increased load on mobile networks and the need to provide high-quality, high-speed and secure access to the Internet at places where many people gather," said Sergey Abramov, head of the Directorate of Railway Stations, a branch of Russian Railways.