17.09.2013   10:15

Transport hubs to be built at Ryazan-1 and Ryazan-2 stations


The Government of the Ryazan region, the City of Ryazan and Russian Railways have signed a cooperation agreement to built transport hubs at Ryazan-1 and Ryazan-2 railway stations. The agreement was concluded in Ryazan on 16 September 2013 and was signed by Oleg Kovalyov, Governor of Ryazan Region, Vitaliy Artemov head of Ryazan City's administration, and Sergei Abramov, the Head of the Directorate of Railway Stations, which is a branch of Russian Railways.

The parties agreed to implement the transport hub projects using innovative technologies and advanced building management systems that provide interoperability between the passenger flows from different modes of transport and at the same time create comfortable and safe passenger transfers from one type of transportation to another.

Among the measures to be undertaken to fulfill the agreement will be developing the areas adjacent to Ryazan-1 and Ryazan-2 railway stations in order better to meet the needs of the population and improve the quality of passenger services. These will include, in particular, building parking spaces for public and private transport and providing unimpeded passenger access to boarding and disembarking areas at the train stations, as well as implementing a series of organisational, engineering and technical measures aimed at warning against and preventing the illegal actions of individuals and preventing the unauthorised parking of buses and taxis.

Implementing the projects necessary to construct the transport hubs will also result in a significant improvement in the conditions for people with disabilities, people with children and the elderly when staying at the railway stations and adjacent territories.