13.04.2012   16:58

In Warsaw, Poland, memorandum of cooperation on transport service organisation for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship between railway carriers of Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine was signed

The document was signed in the building of a main railway station in Warsaw by Vice-president of JSC "Russian Railways" and CEO of JSC "FPK" Mikhail Akulov, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "PKP Intercity" Janusz Malinowski, Deputy Director of the Belarusian Railway Vladimir Mikhayluk and Head of Main Management of passengers traffic of Ukrainian Railways Alexander Ivanko.

-We are pleased that the task of providing mass transportation of passengers in Poland has enabled us to develop new technologies of transportation, which previously were not used. I am sure that new approaches will contribute to further growth in traffic between the two countries - said Mikhail Akulov after finishing the signing of a memorandum.

According to the memorandum, parties agreed to provide additional passenger trains for carrying football fans between cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. They shall allocate special rolling stock, organise cooperation in order to optimise custom duties and border crossing procedures for participants and fans of the Euro 2012 and provide a high-quality passenger service.

In order to organise passenger carriage for the Championship, JSC "Russian Railways", JSC "FPK" (subsidiary to JSC "Russian Railways" in the field of passenger transportation), Belarusian Railway and "PKP Intercity" agreed to add 7 train-pairs for the period of matchmaking with the participation of the Russia national football team: one train Moscow – Wrocław/ Warsaw, 2 trains Moscow – Warsaw and 4 trains Moscow – Terespol for connection.

Aside from additional trains, it is planned to increase a number of coaches in regular trains. As such, number of coaches for daily "Polonaise" Moscow – Warsaw № 9/10 will be increased from 6 to 12. Number of coaches for Moscow – Berlin – Paris train running through Warsaw will also be increased during EURO 2012.

Especially for the European Football Championship, parties developed a concept of connection railway traffic between Russia and Poland. In Terespol, passengers of a number of trains running from Moscow to Warsaw will change from JSC "FPK" trains to "PKP Intercity" trains, and passengers traveling from Warsaw to Moscow will take Polish trains to Brest, and then make change to Russian trains. This will assure more effective use of existing rolling stock and infrastructure capabilities.

By now, schedule for trains departing from Moscow has been already developed.


№ 409 Moscow – Warsaw/ Wrocław will run according to schedule as follows: Moscow – Wrocław on 7 of June, Moscow – Warsaw every day from 8 of June to 1 of July 2012. Departure from Moscow - 17:21, arrival to Warsaw – 8:00, arrival to Wrocław – 15:00.  

There also be additional trains for carrying organised fan groups. One could buy these tickets in Moscow only "back-to-back", these are trains from Moscow to Warsaw № 403 and 405.

№ 403 Moscow – Warsaw will depart from Moscow on 7, 11 and 15 of June and arrive to Warsaw at 1:30 (Polish time).

№ 405 Moscow – Warsaw will depart from Moscow on 7, 11 and 15 of June at 18:18 and arrive to Warsaw at 10:30 (Polish time).


Next four trains will run from Russia to Poland with a connection in Terespol.

№ 413 Moscow – Terespol: departure from Moscow on 7, 11 and 15 of June 2012 – 6:55, arrival to Terespol – 21:20 (Polish time).

№ 415 Moscow – Terespol: departure from Moscow on 7, 11 and 15 of June 2012 – 9:20, arrival to Terespol – 1:00 (Polish time).

№ 417 Moscow – Terespol: departure from Moscow on 7, 11 and 15 of June 2012 - 14:23, arrival to Terespol – 3:40 (Polish time).

№ 419 Moscow – Terespol departure from Moscow on 7, 11 and 15 of June 2012 – 16:17, arrival to Terespol – 6:15 (Polish time).


Passengers of these trains will pass the border crossing control in Terespol and then continue traveling to Warsaw with "PKP Intercity" trains. It is expected that all border crossing and transfer procedures will take approximately 1.5 hours.

Ticket price for trains running to and from Poland is set depending on:

  • Type of connection (direct or transfer);
  • Type of train (regular/additional, and special tourist);
  • Type of coach – "Luxury" coach, "RIC" coach, saloon coach or couchette coach (with change to a coach with seats).

Ticket prices for single passengers (in euro):


to Warsaw

to Wrocław

Type of coach

one way


one way


Second class





First class










For organised groups of passengers, there will be a number of special direct tourist trains Moscow – Warsaw – Moscow and connections Moscow – Terespol – Warsaw (Wrocław) – Terespol – Moscow.

Tourist groups in the range from 6 adult passengers will be offered discounts as following:

  • 18-20% of ticket price in the case of one way ticketing;
  • 20-25% of ticket price in the case of simultaneous "back-to-back" ticketing.

Ticket prices for groups of passengers (in euro)

(taking into account maximum discount for "back-to-back" tickets):


to Warsaw

to Wrocław

Second class

from 160,0 to 240,0

from 175,0 to 290,0

For all types of trains, there will be discounts for children under 12 – 35% from adult passenger ticket price. Children under 4 years S.R.O. (without taking seat) travel free.

JSC "RZD Tour" will provide charter traffic in special tourist trains heading for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship in Poland. It is a specialist company of JSC "Russian Railways" with regard to tourism (registered under number № MTZ 005201).