19.04.2012   19:39

Russian Railways introduces on-line tracking of long-distance passenger trains

Russian Railways has introduced a new service to track long-distance passenger trains on-line via the Company website for the convenience of travellers.

Passengers can now find out the exact location of their long-distance train without leaving their computer.

The service is available for trains on Russia territory and on routes to countries in the CIS and the Baltic.

To use the new service, simply go to the “Passengers” menu on the Russian Railways’ website and select Trains Online, indicate the departure and arrival stations of the service you want, the date of departure or arrival and press Find.

If the train is already en route, the system shows which station the train has just passed. If the train has already arrived at the station you want, the system informs you that “The train has arrived.”

When moving from the links “The train has just passed Station X” or “The train has already arrived at Station X”, passengers will see detailed information about the movement of train en route. If you specify only the departure or arrival station and the date, the system will show the actual movement of the trains at that station: the train’s status (arrived or departed), and departure and arrival times etc.