09.07.2012   11:48


Fares on the high-speed Sapsan trains departing from 1 July 2012 are based on two criteria: the ticket’s date of sale and the percentage of seats occupied on the train.

The fares change in a range from 0.8 to 1.2. The fare between St. Petersburg - Moscow will be 4,198 to 6,507 roubles for seats in business-class carriages and from 2,323 to 3,483 roubles in economy class. The fare between Nizhny Novgorod - Moscow will be 3420,9 to 4648,6 roubles for seats in business-class carriages and from 1081,8 to 1622,8 roubles in economy class.

Special Offers

1. Return Fares

Passengers buying return tickets will receive a discount of 10%.

When returning both unused halves of a ticket purchased under this discount scheme, the cost of the tickets is refunded immediately.

When returning only one half (the return leg), a refund is made in accordance with the normal complaints procedure: the ticket office issues a confirmation of the return of the seat or marks the ticket as no longer valid.

Passengers then need to take this document and a request for the return of the fare in person or send them by normal post to the Directorate of Express Services (a branch of Russian Railways) at Dom 40/12, Lower Krasnoselskaya Street, Moscow 105066.

The passenger receives a refund less a 10% fare reduction from one leg of the return ticket.

2. Road maps

Designation Discount Additional Services
60+ 20% Card holders older than 60 receive discounts. The card costs 300 roubles.
16/25 15% Card holders between 16 and 25 receive discounts. The card costs 300 roubles.
10/16 20% Card holders between 10 and 16 receive discounts. The card costs 300 roubles.
Two Capitals 15%

Discounts are available to the card holder and a maximum of three passengers travelling with him/her when booking a ticket in one order for passengers travelling between Moscow - St. Petersburg on Sapsan trains departing at 06:45 and 07:00 at the weekend (Saturday, Sunday). The card costs 500 roubles.

A holder of the road map "Two Capitals" travelling alone can book a ticket online through the Russian Railways’ site. If s/he takes one to three passengers, all tickets are issued at the ticket office only.

Restaurant 5% The cardholder receives discount and a seat in the bistro carriage with guaranteed cuisine. The card costs 500 roubles.

Passengers can buy road maps from the conductor/cashier in the 6th carriage of high-speed Sapsan trains.

Russian Railways Universal Card

The cardholder receives a 5% discount.

Russian Railways Universal Cards can be bought on board Sapsan trains and at ticket offices on long-distance trains and stations where the Sapsan stops. The card must be activated before use.

The card can be activated at:

  • Ticket Office No.14, administrator’s counter, at Leningrad Station in Moscow;
  • Ticket Office No.36 at Kursk Station in Moscow;
  • Ticket Office No.34, administrator’s counter No.1, at Moscow Station in St. Petersburg
  • Counter Nos.51 and 52 at Nizhny Novgorod Station.

Where to buy tickets using roadmaps:

At long-distance ticket offices throughout Russia and on the Russian Railways’ website.

Cards are valid for one year. Cards made out to specific individuals cannot be transferred.

Special offers under the Universal Card rate, return tickets and road maps are not cumulative. When ordering a ticket, only one special offer can be used.