Russian railways
14.10.2021   11:58

Russian Railways shipped nearly 1.7 times more Pacific seafood from Primorye in September 2021

In January-September 2021, 461,400 tons of fish products were shipped by rail from Primorsky Territory in Russia’s Far Eastern region, an increase of 28.3% over the same three quarters last year. In September 2021, 66,500 tons were loaded, up 67.5% on September 2020.

The volume of seafood transported in containers since the beginning of the year amounted to 301,800 tons, an increase of 29.6%, with 159,600 were shipped in refrigerated wagons, up 26%.

The main volume of fish products in January-September was shipped to consignees in Moscow Region (196,200 tons), the Urals (91,600 tons) and Siberia (75,900 tons).

Export shipments of fish from the Uglovaya station at Far Eastern Railways in the nine months from January to September this year amounted to 55,900 tons.

In September 2021, 3,500 tons of fish were dispatched from Primorye to China, twice the amount transported in September 2020. These shipments began in May 2020 as an alternative to the delivery of seafood to China by road following the introduction of quarantine restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Corporate Communications Service at Far Eastern Railways.