Russian railways
11.10.2021   15:01

Sapsan wins transport award for on-board services

At the XII "Service Quality and Consumer Rights" annual awards, the high-speed Sapsan train operated by Russian Railways has become a laureate in the sub-category "Transport Services. Rail Transportation" in the overall category "Retail Services."

The award was presented for the Sapsan’s development of its provided service and the improvement of its on-board services.

The High-Speed ​​Rail Directorate at Russian Railways has already won this award three times, in 2017, 2018 and again in 2020.

An expert council including representatives from the Consumers Union, the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, the ROMIR research holding, BDO and others decided on the award’s laureates by vote.

In order to improve Sapsan’s services, the trains are being modernised in accordance with passenger wishes, in particular changes to the carriage interiors. Every seat in every carriage now has sockets for charging mobile devices and USB connectors, renewed upholstery and seat covers, window shades, drinking water coolers, and knobs for regulating the brightness of the lighting depending on the time of day.

Following the signing of a supply agreement in 2019, the first Sapsan in the third batch of high-speed trains arrived at the Metallostroy depot in St. Petersburg in September 2021. After additional equipment and fittings and final tuning at the Metallostroy depot, the new train will undergo certification tests before entering service in summer 2022.

In addition to changes to the Sapsan interior, the compartments in the third batch have also been given a fundamentally new design, with two comfortable convertible sofas instead of individual seats.

The award and forum "Service Quality and Consumer Rights" is one of the leading events promoting the improvement of service levels and the quality of goods and services, as well as protecting consumer rights.

The overall aim is to ensure stable development and a worthy competitive potential on the market for goods and services in Russia.

These annual awards bring together both the Russian and foreign consumer market in goods and services.