Russian railways
06.10.2021   14:18

Freight loading volumes shipped to ports for export on the Russian Railways’ network increased 8.6% in 9 months of 2021

From January to September 2021, freight loading volumes shipped to Russian seaports on the railway network owned by Russian Railways amounted to 262.3 million tons, 8.6% more than in the same three quarters of 2020.

Russian Railways shipped 108.2 million tons consisting of various cargoes to the ports of the North-West,* an increase of 12.1%, 67.7 million tons to Russia’s ports in the South,** up 19.2%, and 86.2 million tons to the ports in the country’s Far East, a rise of 5%.

Coal accounted for 52.4% of the total export freight traffic, followed by oil (21.6%), ferrous metals (6.7%), fertilisers (6.5%), ore (3.4%) and grain (2.5%).

Coal loading volumes shipped to ports from January to September 2021 increased by 12.8%, rising to over 137.3 million tons. More than half of the total volume, 71.4 million tons, was shipped to the ports of the Far East, an increase of 2.8%.

The transportation of oil products shipped to the ports of the Far East also saw increased volumes, rising 7.9% to 5.9 million tons, while shipments of iron and manganese ores were up by a factor of 3.6 to 500,000 tons and timber by a factor of 1.7 to 376,000 tons.

* to the port stations at October, Severnaya [Northern] and Kaliningrad Railways.

** to the port stations at North Caucasus and Privolzhskaya Railways.