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04.08.2021   10:53

Interactive exhibition about Lake Baikal opens at Slyudyanka railway station

A unique interactive exhibition dedicated to Lake Baikal has opened at Slyudyanka station.

The idea of ​​the project is to tell visitors about the nature of the Baikal region, the history of the legendary lake and the sights.

In addition to classic exhibits, the exhibition includes multimedia features, one of which is an interactive floor that can imitate the transparent surface of Lake Baikal and its waves. Projections onto the ceiling also show the sky above the lake, creating the effect that exhibition visitors are actually present at the lake.

The exhibition also features installations dedicated to Lake Baikal’s flora and fauna, tectonics and geology. Some are equipped with a touch-screen, enabling them to work multi-functionally as a classic screen with animation, video and graphics, illustrate a lecture, and as an online help system.

Visitors have three options to view the exhibition. They can follow a guide who controls the interactive systems and at the same time gives a lecture, they can take an automatic tour, on which the text is voiced by a professional announcer, or view the installations changing in time independently.

One of the installations features the Circum-Baikal Railway and tells the story behind the laying of the line’s tunnels as accurately as possible by recreating the effect of a moving steam locomotive.

The exhibition ends with a photo zone, where passengers can take pictures as souvenirs.

The exhibition will be held at Slyudyanka station on an ongoing basis. It will not only help passengers to enliven the waiting time for their trains, but will also be of great interest to visiting schoolchildren and residents of and visitors to the town, said the corporate communications service of the Circum-Baikal Railway.