Russian railways
12.05.2021   11:40

Long-distance trains operated by Russian Railways’ Holding transported nearly 3.5 million passengers during May holidays

During the May 2021 holidays, about 3.5 million passengers travelled on the long-distance trains operated by the Russian Railways’ Holding, nearly 5.5 times more than the same indicator last year.

The most popular days for travelling were 30 April and 10 May.

To meet the demand on the most popular routes, Russian Railways laid on more than 680 additional trains, which almost corresponds to the level of 2019, and even exceeds it in some directions.

The Company laid on 112 additional trains to and from the Black Sea coast and the resorts of the North Caucasus, 50 more than in 2019. The trains provided additional services on the routes between Moscow and Imeretinsky Resort, Adler, Anapa and Kislovodsk and between St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk, Anapa and Kislovodsk, and other directions.

During the May holidays, almost 305,000 passengers were transported to the Black Sea coast alone by the Holding’s trains, 9% more than in 2019.

In the past, travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg was popular. This year, trains operated by the Russian Railways’ Holding carried almost 280,000 passengers between these two cities, including 177,400 on the Sapsan trains.

The Company also added additional cars to another 84 sets of trains, for example, to trains running between Moscow Smolensk, Moscow Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod St. Petersburg, Moscow Saransk, Moscow Kirov, Novokuznetsk Kislovodsk and Vladivostok Blagoveshchensk etc.

To meet popular demand during the May holidays, Russian Railways also laid on tourist cruise trains on the following routes: Moscow Ruskeala Mountain Park Vyborg Moscow, Moscow Novorossiysk Kislovodsk Grozny Derbent Volgograd Moscow, Moscow Bryansk and others.

The train timetable was arranged so that passengers could take part in various tourist programmes and excursions during the day and travel at night.

The Company has put in place various anti-epidemic measures on long-distance trains to ensure the safe transportation of passengers.

All trains undergo compulsory sanitisation with the use of disinfecting detergents that work actively against viruses. In addition, the Company has increased the frequency of cleaning carriages and the use of disinfectants both en route and between runs. All modern carriages are also equipped with special ultraviolet bactericidal lamps to disinfect the air.

The Russian Railways Holding strongly recommends that passengers use and wear personal protective equipment during their entire trip.