Russian railways
09.04.2021   20:25

Lastochka to connect Moscow and Minsk with high-speed services for first time from 30 April 2021

The Company’s operational headquarters have submitted a proposal to prevent the import and spread of a new coronavirus infection on the territory of the Russian Federation and achieve the phased restoration of railway communication with the Republic of Belarus,

As a result, the Russian Railways’ Holding and Belarusian Railways are increasing the passenger services between their two countries.

From 30 April 2021, the Russian Railways’ Holding will lay on two pairs of new Lastochka high-speed international trains No. 717/722 and No. 721/718 Moscow – Minsk to be operated by the Federal Passenger Company, a subsidiary of Russian Railways.

The Lastochka services will run daily between Moscow and Minsk. Trains will leave their departing station and arrive at their destination twice a day in accordance with a "mirror timetable."

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Vyazma, Smolensk

The route will be serviced by high-speed Lastochka electric trains in the Premium configuration in a five-carriage version offering passengers two service classes, business and economy. Wheelchair lifts are provided for passengers with disabilities, as well as dedicated seats/berths with a wheelchair mount and a call button for the conductor.

The traffic volumes of other trains between Russia and Belarus will also be increased. Thus, the Federal Passenger Company will resume operating train number 7/8 between Moscow – Brest in accordance with the timetable, in other words the train will run every other day. After a long break, it will commence its first run from Moscow on 13 April and from Brest on 14 April.

In addition, from April 13, the train operated by the Belarusian Railway will resume running as follows:

  • No. 52/51 Brest/Minsk – St. Petersburg (daily from 13 April from Brest and from 14 April from St. Petersburg);
  • No. 4/3 Brest – Moscow (every other day from 13 April from Brest and from 14 April from Moscow);
  • No. 302/301 Minsk / Gomel – Adler (once every 4 days from 27 April from Minsk and from 29 April from Adler).

Train number 2/1 Minsk – Moscow, which began running every other day per timetable from 8 February this year, will run daily from 13 April.

Tickets for the listed trains will be on sale shortly. Passengers will be able to purchase tickets, as well as receive up-to-date information on train timetables and fares from the official website of Russian Railways and the RZD Passengers mobile app.

Russia and Belorussia have put anti-epidemic measures into force on long-distance trains running between the two countries in order to ensure safe transportation. All passengers are strongly encouraged to wear personal protective equipment throughout the journey.

In order to enter the territory of the Republic of Belarus, all citizens of the Russian Federation over 6 years of age require a medical document confirming a negative result from a PCR test for COVID-19.

Persons arriving in the Russian Federation from abroad by rail must submit a certificate that they have been examined for coronavirus infection COVID-19 with a negative PCR laboratory test issued no later than 3 days before the start date of their journey.

Excepted from this rule are children under the age of 5 (with a certificate from the accompanying persons), members of government delegations of the member state upon returning to the country where they hold citizenship, members of locomotive crews and persons associated with transportation activities in railway transport.