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Railway complex is of particular strategic importance for Russia. It the link in a single economic system that ensures the stable operation of industrial enterprises, and the timely supply of essential goods to the most remote corners of the country . It is the most affordable transport for millions of citizens.

Russian Railways is one of the  top three railway companies in the  world. Facts about the Company:

  • huge volumes of freight and passenger transport;
  • high financial ratings;
  • qualified specialists in all areas of rail transport;
  • a large scientific and technical base;
  • design and construction of power;
  • significant experience in international cooperation.

Russian Railways was established by Decree No. 585 of the Governmentof the Russian Federation on September 18, 2003 . The Company was created as the first stage of the railway sector reform in accordance with Resolution No. 384 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated May 18, 2001 .

October 1, 2003  Russian Railways commences operetion.

The founder and sole shareholder of Russian Railways is the Russian Federation. On behalf of the Russian Federation to the shareholder by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The property of Company is made up of the its authorized capital  the book value of the 987 federal railway organizations, owned by the state.

Authorized Capital of Russian Railways

Authorised capital (in roubles)   Authorised capital (in shares)
30.09.2019 2 315 846 775 000   2 315 846 775
Specifications of Russian Railways
The operational length of railways 85,600 km
The length of electrified lines 43,800 km


Rolling stock

Type The amount, thousand
Freight cars of all types* 166,895
Passenger cars of long-distance 17,898
Passenger cars of suburban trains 12,371

* Operated is carried by Russian Railways SDC holding company.

The company's mission is to develop an effective transport business that is competitive on the domestic and international markets . The core mission is  the to effectively implement objectives of a national freight and passenger rail carrier , and owner of common-use railway infrastructure.

The main objectives of the company – are tomeet the therailway transport needs of the state, and legal and natural persons , as well as to provideworks works and services related to the rail industry, and to makeas profit.

Strategic goals of the company:

  • to develop and expand the transport transport business;
  • to help increase production and economic efficiency;
  • to improve the quality and safety of transportation;
  • to integrate deeply into the Euro-Asian transport system;
  • to increase financial stability and efficiency.


  • freight transportation;
  • long-distance passenger services;
  • suburban/commuter passenger services;
  • infrastructure service;
  • locomotive traction services;
  • maintenance and repair of rolling stock;
  • infrastructure construction;
  • Research and Development;
  • maintaining the social sphere.

Russian Railways accounts for 46% of the freight turnover of the entire Russian transport system (including account pipelines).

Russian Railways accounts for 26.4% of the passenger turnover of the country’s transport system.

Russian Railways Management 

1. General Meeting of Shareholders. Since the Company’s sole shareholder is the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation exercises its powers on its behalf, the Government takes all decisions at shareholder meetings and formalizes them in writing

2. Board of Directors of the Company. Appointed by the Government of the Russian Federation.
See the list of the Board of Directors at OJSC Russian Railways.

3. Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Appointed by the Government of the Russian Federation.
See CV.

4. Board of Governors.
See the list of the Board of Governors at OJSC Russian Railways

Management Control at Russian Railways

Company Audit Commission

Corporate Structure of  Russian Railways

Branches of  Russian Railways:

  • branches – railways;
  • functional branches;
  • branches – shipping companies;
  • branches providing feasibility studies and financial support;
  • branches capital construction;
  • branches carrying out rolling stock repair;
  • branches track management;
  • branches – IT and communications;
  • branches in the social sphere;
  • design bureaus;
  • miscellaneous branches.

Representative Offices of  Russian Railways

  • Representative Office in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Representative Office in Berlin, Germany.
  • Representative Office in Beijing, China.
  • Representative Office in Pyongyang, North Korea.
  • Representative Office in Warsaw, Poland.
  • Representative Office in Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • Representative Office in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Representative Office in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Representative Office in Minsk, Belarus.
  • Representative Office in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Representative Office in Paris, France.

Find out more about Russian Railways’ representative offices.

Subsidiaries and affiliated companies belonging to  Russian Railways