Russian railways

Divovo – Konstantinovo

Divovo station is located near Konstantinovo village, the birthplace of the poet Sergei Yesenin.

The station has a permanent exhibition with items from the Sergei Yesenin Museum in Konstantinovo: six showcases display photographs of the poet and authentic period objects relevant to the station’s history. The poet’s bronze bust is installed in the station forecourt. The brick fence near the forecourt is decorated with old-fashioned streetlights.

Divovo station meets the European convenience standards and can receive hundreds of tourists.

Getting around

Divovo station is located 170 km away from Moscow. By electric trains from the Kazansky railway station in Moscow.

Historical background

Divovo railway station was opened in 1864. Historians claim that the station owes its name to Nikolay Divov, who donated a stripe of his acreage for the new railway.

Active state councillor, major general, Nikolay Divov (1792-1878) came from an old noble family, with members of the French royal dynasty of Valois among its ancestors. After a journey around Italy, he returned to Russia, where he was disparaged as a freethinker and had to retire to Gorodishchi village of the Zaraysk parish in the Ryazan governorate.