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Terms and conditions for issuing travel documents to persons with disabilities on long-distance and high-speed trains

Tickets for persons with disabilities are issued

Terms of registration of tickets

Purchasing a ticketing

Documents required

  • to passengers in wheelchairs (on stretchers);

from the first day of sale for long-distance and high-speed trains

  • Identity Document;
  • an individual rehabilitation programme or other document (including from a healthcare facility) indicating that the person requires a wheelchair (stretchers)*.
  • to passengers with disabilities of all categories;
  • to passengers who require urgent travel to/from medical institutions in cases where, for medical reasons, they need to be isolated from contact with persons who may have an infectious disease.

10 days (240 hours) prior to the departure of long-distance and high-speed trains.

  • at ticket offices.

Identity Document and any of the following:

  • a disability certificate;
  • a certificate from a disability evaluation board;
  • a social security disability medical exam certificate;
  • an individual rehabilitation programme;
  • a document from a healthcare facility confirming the need to eliminate contacts with persons who may have an infectious disease*.
from the first day of sale for Sapsan trains


Reservation of seats for disabled people in long-distance trains and high-speed trains is available on the application formalized in the mobility assistance Center of JSC "Russian Railways". The terms of the application can be found here

Оформление билетов

The transport operator (the Directorate of High-Speed Communications) provides a discount of 40%:

  • to passengers travelling in priority seats on trains who have purchased tickets in accordance with the requirements set out above (in the table);

The transport operator (Federal Passenger Company JSC) provides a discount of 50%