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  • +7 (499) 605-20-00 worldwide, payment in accordance with the tariffs of your service provider.
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Information on the availability of railway station complexes can be found in the section "Map of railway stations availability".

Помощь на вокзалахThe following services are provided to passengers with limited mobility on requests for support and assistance at railway stations and stopping points in the mobility assistance Center of JSC "Russian Railways" (contacts and conditions of applications):

  • meeting passengers with limited mobility at the railway station;
  • supporting the passenger to/from the train and her vehicle at the railway station and its main areas (ticket offices, waiting rooms, left luggage facilities, first-aid stations and other sanitary and maintenance facilities; passenger platforms);
  • assistance when receiving the services provided at the train station (tickets and use of left luggage facilities etc.);
  • provision of a place at the station for temporary stay of the passenger for the period of waiting for the vehicle;
  • the provision of wheelchairs, assistive technology for movement;
  • assistance in moving carry-on baggage whose total measurement of the three sides should not exceed 180 cm, free of charge for passengers with low mobility:
    • сtravelling in open, reserved and compartment carriages - no more than 2 pieces of hand baggage with a total weight of not more than 36 kg.
    • following in sleeper carriages - no more than 3 pieces of hand luggage with a total weight not exceeding 50 kg.
  • assisting in the movement of the visually impaired when walking a guide dog with a document confirming that the dog has undergone special training;
  • assistance with boarding and leaving long-distance trains.

Note: Railway staff who provide support services and assistance for people with limited mobility are not medical professionals.

Employees have the right to refuse the provision of escort services and assistance to a low-mobility passenger in the following cases:

  • on passenger’s refusal to produce a document confirming the disability or documents from a medical institution in the absence of visible signs which limit the passenger’s physical abilities;
  • if s/he violates public order and interferes with the peace and quiet of other passengers.

When accompanying and rendering assistance to passengers with limited mobility, employees must not:

  • remain at the passenger’s side when waiting for or travelling in a train, or when waiting for a wheelchair or other means of transportation at the station;
  • unpack or store the personal belongings of passengers or accept money to transfer items (for example, as payment for a service rendered). If possible, passengers may be escorted to the ticket office, left-luggage office, etc.;
  • assist in the care of the passenger and in the conduct of medical procedures (eating, performing sanitary and hygienic procedures, changing clothes, taking medication, wound treatment, bandages, compresses, etc.).

Procedure for providing individual passengers with certain types of services at railway stations:


 If there is free (unregulated) parking at the station territory, the parking of vehicles is carried out by users without hindrance, based on availability.

If the station territory has an automated Parking system that provides control over the access of vehicles to its territory, Parking services are provided free of charge for vehicles with an established identification mark "Disabled" (issued in accordance with the Order approved by the order of the Ministry of labor of the Russian Federation of July 4, 2018 № 443n), managed by persons with disabilities I, II, III groups and carrying such disabled and (or) children with disabilities.

It is necessary to present:

  • an identity document;
  • a document confirming the fact of disability (for oneself or the disabled passenger who is transported in the vehicle).

The absence of properly issued documents confirming the right to free parking in the car park is will lead to the refusal to provide parking services free of charge.

Free pick-up and drop-off between 5 and 15 minutes (it is recommended to check at the entrance to the Parking place).


For the period of waiting for the vehicle at the stations, passengers with limited mobility can use the designated rest areas in the common waiting rooms, as well as specialized rest areas for passengers with limited mobility.

Free use of specialized recreation areas for passengers with limited mobility (if available at the station) can be:

  • passengers with Category I and Category II disabilities, including those with long-term visual, hearing and mobility impairments;
  • passengers with temporary physical impairments, long-term visual impairments, on stretchers, in wheelchairs, or using crutches, walking aids or other means of getting around;
  • children with disabilities;
  • passengers travelling with children under the age of 3;
  • persons accompanying passengers with disabilities (a maximum of two people per passengers with limited mobility or child).

Use of the general waiting halls is free for all visitors to the station.


For children with disabilities and their accompanying persons, a discount on the services of long-term recreation rooms and mother-and-child rooms is provided:

  • accommodation of children with disabilities and one accompanying person in the long-term recreation rooms and mother-and-child rooms without the provision of a bed - free of charge for a period of up to 3 hours from the time of placement;
  • accommodation of children with disabilities in the long-term recreation rooms and mother-and-child rooms with the provision of a bed - free of charge for a period of up to one calendar day from the moment of arrival;
  • accommodation of one person accompanying a disabled child in the long-term recreation rooms and mother-and-child rooms with the provision of a bed - a discount of 50% of the established tariff for a period of up to one calendar day from the moment of arrival. Accommodation of other accompanying persons is at the standard rate.

A discount on accommodation can be obtained by the provision of documents confirming the status of “Disabled Child” (certificate of disability in accordance with the standard form).

Discounts on accommodation do not apply to hotels, hostels, rented.


Passengers with children up to 1 year of age can stay in the long-term recreation rooms and mother-and-child rooms without a bed but with the possibility of feeding and changing clothes for up to 3 hours free of charge if there is no other area at the station for changing nappies etc. The service is for one adult and one or more children with the passport and birth certificate of the child(ren).


Left luggage services are provided on a general basis to all user categories, including those with disabilities.


Use of restrooms (toilets) is free of charge.

Situational assistance at German railway stations

To enquire about the list of services and the procedure for obtaining them at stations in Germany, call Deutsche Bahn AG from Russia on + 8 (1049) 180-6-512-512 or fill out an online form.

Requests by phone are accepted daily from 6:00 to 22:00 (local time); on weekends and holidays - from 08:00 to 20:00.