Russian railways


On 14 September 2017, a second export railway route to China came into service in accordance to the “circular” route scheme Vorsino – Chengdu – Vorsino.

The project was implemented under the auspices of the Russian Export Center JSC in partnership with:

  • JSC RZD Logistics,
  • PJSC TransContainer
  • Freight Village RU Group of Companies.


This route provides the following unique benefits to customers who trade with China:

  • delivery of goods by rail – which takes up to 14 days compared to sea delivery in 2-2.5 months;
  • the cost of delivery by rail is close to the price of delivery by sea;
  • deliveries are made in both directions (Russian Federation – People’s Republic of China (PRC) and PRC Russian Federation).

The train departs from Vorsino (Freight Village RU terminal) railway station and enters the PRC at the border crossings at Naushki in Russia and Zamyn-Uude in Mongolia.

The main destinations in the PRC are the port of Dalian (with further delivery by feeder ships to any port or by road to the recipient) and Chengdu station in Sichuan province. It is also possible to deliver goods from China to the Russian Federation.


Wagon Type Destination
Chengdu Dalian
Universal 40-foot container $2 700 $2 600
Refrigerator container from $4 500 from $5 200*

* depending on the number of ordered containers in the train

When dispatching large consignments, rates are calculated individually.

In the event of an increase in demand for the shipment of goods, it is possible to increase the number of container trains on this export route.

The train departs twice every month.

Customers can carry out customs clearance at the Freight Village RU terminal, as well as veterinary and phytosanitary control procedures.


In accordance with Decree No. 1104 issued by the Government of the Russian Federation on 15 September 2017, the dispatching organisation can receive compensation for part of the costs incurred in transporting agricultural and food products when using road and rail transport.