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Jul 08, 2019
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International Projects

International Projects

Russian Railways is one of the largest railway companies in the world. It employs highly qualified specialists, has an extensive scientific and technical base and design and construction facilities, and significant experience in international cooperation.

The operations and business of the Russian Railways Holding are extensive:

  • 85,000 kilometres of railways;
  • over 750,000 highly professional employees;
  • more than 1 billion passengers and over2 billion tons of freight transported annually;
  • contributes about 1.5% to Russia's annual GDP;
  • present in over 40 countries.

With regard to international cooperation, the priority tasks of Russian Railways are to:

  • increase the portfolio of foreign infrastructure projects;
  • expand the range of transport and logistics products and ensure the growth of international and transit services;
  • promote the interests of Russian railways in international organsizations.

Russian Railways is pleased to offer its clients many years of experience and advanced competencies in all key segments of the railway business, from logistics, engineering and rail management through the manufacture of rolling stock and equipment to training.


Russian Railways is a key link in the integrated railway network known as the "1520 space" - the wide-gauge track used across the former Soviet Union and in Mongolia and Finland, as opposed to the narrower gauge used in Europe.

The main advantages of the 1520 space include general technological standards and common information space, competitive tariffs and the coordinated development of infrastructure.

Russian Railways carries out regular transportation in every accessible direction to Europe and Asia and across Russia.

The Company provides an efficient "door-to-door" service, including express delivery and information support.

The key land transportation routes across Eurasia are the North-South and East-West International Transport Corridors (ITCs).

The East - West ITC has significant potential for further increases in the volume of Eurasian container transit.

 The optimal delivery time is one of its main advantages. The service Trans-Sib in 7 Days enables the route speed of a container train to exceed 1,200 km per day on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Russian Railways continues to develop the East - West ITC by:

  • implementing complex infrastructure projects, such as the modernisation of the Trans-Siberian Railway and the development of the railway system in Russia's Far East, the removal of bottlenecks and the construction of dedicated high-speed ​​railways and the development of border crossing infrastructure and approaches to ports etc.;
  • undertaking the systemic development of logistics technologies, information systems and the entire infrastructure for transit traffic;
  • taking part in the improvement of tariff policy;
  • simplifying the procedures for processing transit freight;
  • developing technological schemes for interaction between various modes of transport.

In addition, the Company is developing accelerated container transportation in cooperation with international partners by improving documentary support, simplifying border and customs procedures and creating a network of logistics centres.

The North-South International Transport Corridor.

Of great importance for the corridor's development in the medium term will be the commissioning schedule for the new railway line between Resht - Astara in the Islamic Republic of Iran and Astara in the Azerbaijan Republic, which will be the last missing link of the direct railway line along the western branch of the North - South International Transport Corridor.

As part of the cooperation between Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran, work is currently continuing on the formation of the India-Iran-Azerbaijan-Russia multimodal route. Freight shipments in containers will be organised along this route on a regular basis.

In the future, it is also planned to organise a regular service for the shipment of containers to Finland, the countries of the Baltic region and Belarus and from there to Northern and Eastern Europe.

The International Transport Corridors Primorye-1 and Primorye-2 diversify freight delivery routes, facilitate loading at the Far East ports and increase business activity in Russia's Primorsky Territory on the Sea of Japan.

The development of these corridors is considered a foundation for cooperation between Russia's Primorye and Far East regions with China's North-Eastern and Southern provinces.

International passenger transportation

The Federal Passenger Company provides direct and transit passenger services to Europe and Asia: Austria, Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Finland, China, Mongolia, North Korea, the CIS and the Baltic countries.

Cooperation with international organisations

Increasing the competitiveness of the Company's transport and logistics services, as well as improving the conditions for the delivery of goods across Eurasian routes, contribute to the work of Russian Railways within international organisations.

The main results are solutions to the tasks of harmonising transportation law and improving the regulatory framework for the development of rail transport.

Management of railway systems abroad

Russian Railways possesses advanced technologies and methods for the efficient management of railway systems abroad and the implementation of relevant projects.

The Company is currently implementing projects in Armenia, Mongolia and North Korea and exploring possibilities for entering the markets of other countries.

Engineering and implementation of infrastructure projects

The Russian Railways' Holding unites under a single brand advanced competencies and the latest technologies in the field of engineering.

RZD International is a specialised engineering company which is a part of the Holding. It places the whole range of competences and technologies in the field of railway construction at the service of its clients.

Key ongoing and prospective infrastructure projects of the Russian Railways Holding include:

A complex project which is being implemented in Serbia and which provides for the construction and reconstruction of sections of the railway network and the supply of Russian-made diesel trains for suburban routes. The work is on schedule. The customer's high assessment of the quality of the work being carried out by the Holding has established the preconditions for the further development of cooperation between Russia and Serbia in the field of railway transport. Specific areas for further work are being worked out.

In Iran, the Garmsar-Inche Burun section is being electrified. In addition to the electrification of the 495-km railway line, the project provides for the electrification of approaches to the ports of Amir-Abad and Torkaman and the major city of Gorgan. The contract was signed in March 2017. According to preliminary estimates, the project will take about 3 years.

In India, a project is in development to modernise the Nagpur-Secunderabad railway line in order to increase the speed of passenger traffic to 200 kph. The first stage of implementation is the joint preparation of a feasibility study.

A project for the comprehensive development of Cuba's railway infrastructure is now under development.

A project is currently under way to build a new Eurasian transport corridor to Bratislava and Vienna with a railway gauge of 1520 mm with the participation of Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Consulting services

The Holding unites competences in the field of design, the development of concepts and strategies, the evaluation of investment projects and the formation of programmes for the future development of the railway industry.

Feasibility studies and the preparation of business plans are also included in the list of services provided.

The Company has extensive know-how in the implementation of automated train control systems and collision avoidance systems, as well as in rolling stock monitoring and diagnostic systems.

Complex projects focusing on optimising production and transportation processes are also at the service of our customers.

Manufacture of rolling stock and equipment

Today the Holding's structure includes leading enterprises in transport engineering.

The Remputmash Group produces a wide range of track equipment for the construction, repair and maintenance of railway track and repairs and services track machines.

The multi-profile company OJSC Elteza produces modern electrical equipment and electronic and microprocessor devices, as well as train traffic control and rail transport security and safety systems.

Personnel training

The Russian Railways' Holding focuses much attention on developing its human resources and increasing the scope of international cooperation on personnel training.

Together with partners in Germany, France, Finland, Austria and other countries, the Company carries out programmes to create specialised centres for the training of qualified personnel at leading Russian universities.

Exchange programmes for young managers and experts are effective forms of training and provide the opportunity to learn from practical experience.

The Company's main cradle for management personnel is the Corporate University of Russian Railways. This modern innovative educational centre offers more than 100 full-time educational programmes and 65 distance courses. The Company works closely with leading international business schools to develop and implement the individual programmes.


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