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May 1, 2017 01:40
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Apr 28, 2017
Russian Railways announces FY2016 results according to IFRS
Apr 25, 2017
Railways of Russia, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany and Poland agree to develop container transportation
Apr 21, 2017
Oleg Belozerov took part in Session of OSJD Managing Directors' Conference
Apr 20, 2017
President of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov: "By offering passengers a comfortable atmosphere and new services, we are creating a favorable environment for the development of railway tourism"
Apr 19, 2017
RZD Holding completes construction work on X Trans-European Corridor in Serbia
Apr 18, 2017
Russian Railways' President Oleg Belozerov sums up Company's performance in January-March 2017
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Memberships & Affiliations

Railway Transport Council of State - the Commonwealth and its executive body - the Board of Management have been established by the Agreement of heads of governments - the CIS member February 14, 1992 to ensure sustainable economic relations of states - participants of the CIS.

The main tasks of the Council:

coordination of rail transport at the international level and the development of agreed principles of operation;
organization of joint operation of freight cars and containers.
The Council shall consider and decide on the operational activities of the railways, sharing and technical content of freight cars and containers, conditions of passengers and freight, train safety in international traffic, the development of systems of accounting and settlement for the work performed and services, scientific and technical cooperation and other issues.

Priority Railway Transport Council pays provide technological unity of railways.

Each year, under development timetable and plan for the formation of trains in international traffic. Much attention is paid to the technical condition of freight cars.

A decision on the preservation and development of a common information space. It created and successfully operates Information and Computing Center of railway administrations, the main purpose of which is to provide information sharing and technical maintenance of freight cars and containers.

October 18, 2011 in St. Petersburg by the Board of the CIS Heads of Government approved the "Concept of Strategic Development of Railway Transport of the Commonwealth until 2020". The implementation of the Concept will allow systematic and coherent implementation of the coordinated development of Railway Transport of the Commonwealth and promote the organic integration of railways in the Eurasian transport system.

Council members are the heads of the railway administrations of the CIS member states. In addition, the Council is attended by heads of railway administrations of Bulgaria, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Estonia.

Observers in the Council are the railway administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the International Confederation of Trade Unions of Railwaymen and Transport Builders.

At present there are 23 permanent bodies, at meetings addressing issues relating to the implementation of Council decisions.

The executive body is the Board of Management of the Council, headed by the President.

Within the Council developed and operates more than 250 instruments for the operation of the railways to the 1520 mm gauge, and contributing to the solution of economic and social problems of States railway administrations which participate in the work of the Council.

The official website of the Council: www.sovetgt.org


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