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Oct 21, 2019
Russian Railways and Serbia sign agreement on joint implementation of project to modernise Belgrade – Vrbnica – border railway line with Montenegro (Bar)
Oct 16, 2019
CEO of Russian Railways proposes introducing uniform quality service standards on international trains in 1520 space
Oct 15, 2019
"Complying with delivery deadlines is one of the keyparameters in transport services" says CEO of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov
Oct 15, 2019
71st meeting of Council on Rail Transport opens in Minsk
Oct 15, 2019
INTERTRAN project presented to seminar at UIC Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly
Oct 14, 2019
Russian Railways, RDIF and Saudi Railway Company agree on cooperation
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International Cooperation
JSC Russian Railways and international railway оrganizations

JSC Russian Railways and international railway оrganizations

The International Union of Railways (UIC) is one of the leading international non-governmental railway transport organisations.

It was established in 1922 on the basis of French law and is headquartered in the French capital Paris.

Its official language is English.

The UIC is funded from membership fees.

The UIC's Mission is to promote rail transport at the global level and to meet the challenges of mobility and sustainable development.

The UIC's main tasks are to:

  • adapt the programme of activities on international cooperation to changes on the market, which is characterised by increasing competition between different modes of transport and operators;
  • address the challenges posed by liberalisation and new laws that promote competition;
  • assist its members to increase the competitiveness of services provided to customers by sharing best practices, benchmarking and joint projects;
  • implement interoperability;
  • maximise the benefits for the railway sector which result from the potential of the global economy and the transport market.

The UIC's highest governing bodies are the General Assembly and the Executive Council

The General Assembly is the UIC's highest governing body and makes decisions on global issues, the Organisation's problems and (at the request of the relevant working body) on regional issues. The General Assembly holds regular meetings at least twice a year.

The General Assembly selects the UIC's Chairman and Vice-Chairman for a two-year term and ratifies the appointment of the UIC's Director General, who in turn leads the Organisation's daily work and also makes decisions on all financial matters regarding the UIC's activities in consultation with the UIC's Chairman.

The Executive Council is the highest governing body and consists of the heads of twenty-one companies which have the status of active UIC members.

The Executive Council represents all six of the UIC's regional branches: Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America and South America.

The President of OJSC Russian Railways is a member of the Executive Council.

Cooperation between Russian Railways and the UIC

OJSC Russian Railways is a member of the UIC's three main governing bodies: the Executive Council and the Asia-Pacific and European Regional Assemblies.

The Company is one of the UIC's leading members and has 6.6 votes at the General Assembly.

The President of OJSC Russian Railways was the chairman of UIC from January 2013 to December 2016.

Oleg Belozerov, the President of OJSC Russian Railways, has been the chairman of the UIC's Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly since January 2017.

During its membership, the Company has strengthened its positions by occupying key posts on the UIC's highest governing bodies and ensuring the effective participation of its experts on the Union's working bodies.

The Company's representatives head various working bodies, such as the International Council on Railway Research, the Platform for Heavy Traffic and the Global Expert Group on International Transport Corridors.

Company representatives also belong to the management committees of the two UIC fora Freight Transportation and Railway System, as well as the UIC's Budget and Audit Committee.

Cooperation takes place in all major directions: passenger and freight, rail and track management, resource conservation and energy efficiency, rail safety, security against acts of unlawful interference, the management of passenger terminals, the provision of health care on rail transport and research activities etc.

In the framework of the UIC, particular attention is paid to standardisation issues.

Agreements have been reached with the management of the UIC headquarters on the introduction of the Russian language as a working language at the Organisation.

On the initiative of OJSC Russian Railways, a positive decision was achieved in 2015 from the Committee on Non-Governmental Organisations at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations to raise the status of the UIC to the level of Special Advisory.

As a result, UIC members gained the opportunity to prepare proposals for the agenda of the governing and working bodies of the international organisations belonging to the UN system on railway transport.

In addition to the RZD parent holding company, the Russian Railways' subsidiary the Federal Passenger Company is an associate member of the UIC.

The Company's leading research institutes JSC Railway Research Institute (VNIIZhT), JSC NIIAS and the Joint-Stock Company Institute of Economy and Transport Development, as well as one of the largest companies on the transport market construction in Russia, JSC RZDstroy, are affiliated members.

The UIC's official website is at: www.uic.org


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