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Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

Occupational safetyOccupational safety is an important component of the activities at Russian Railways.

Working on the railways has a number of factors that negatively affect human health, including stress, tension, the difficulty and heavy responsibility of the work, noise, vibration, insufficient light and the chemical factor.

In this regard, the Company has created a Department of Occupational Safety, Industrial Safety and Environmental Control and appropriate offices on the railways.

The main occupational health and safety tasks at Russian Railways are:

1. To improve working conditions at the workplace:

  • construction, reconstruction and repair of sanitary buildings and premises;
  • equipping and fitting of heating points and eating rooms;
  • installation, reconstruction and repair of general lighting and ventilation, etc.
  • fitting locomotive cabins with high-strength glass and drivers’ chairs which are insulated against vibration etc.;
  • reducing the share of manual labour, in particular the mechanisation of production processes and the repair and construction of the railway track.

At least 0.7% of the Company’s operating expenses are allocated annually to measures to improve work conditions and safety, excluding the cost of special clothing, special shoes and other personal protective equipment and medical examinations.

2. Providing employees with certified, state-of-the-art personal protective equipment that significantly reduces occupational injuries and illness. Model industry standards have been developed for special clothing, special shoes and other personal protective equipment, which and issued free to employees of federal rail transport organisations. Compliance is observed.

3. Reducing industrial injuries, in particular the release of workers from hazardous production zones and the introduction of technical equipment aimed at preventing injuries.

4. Reducing the level of occupational illness and sickness. To solve this problem, Russian Railways has organised mobile occupational health centres, which are supplied with medicines and fitted with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, which enables occupational health problems to be recognised and treated in the early stages.

Russian Railways is also actively cooperating with the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation in insuring employees against accidents at work and occupational diseases.

Russian Railways operates 18 car and safety cars, which are involved in a single worker training system at the Company’s structural units. Occupational safety wagons are mobile training complexes. One of their main functions is to provide methodical and organisational assistance in the training and verification of knowledge regarding staff health using audio, video and computer equipment, as well as prophylactic work on health and safety directly at line plants.


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