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Jun 24, 2019
Oleg Belozerov: Russian Railways is interested in increasing transit shipments through Mongolia
Jun 20, 2019
Moscow to Berlin and Paris timetables undergo temporary change this summer
Jun 08, 2019
OJSC Russian Railways, CJSC Sinara Group and Siemens Mobility GmbH to create engineering centre
Jun 08, 2019
OJSC Russian Railways, Siemens and CJSC Sinara Group agree on supply and maintenance of 13 Sapsan trains
Jun 08, 2019
Feasibility study of high-speed Indian rail stretch should be completed by autumn 2019
Jun 06, 2019
Russian Railways and Global Ports sign Cooperation Agreement
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Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

  1. Social responsibility
  2. Work with JSCo RZD
  3. RZD’s Young Generation
  4. Sport
  5. Culture

New railway uniformCorporate social responsibility is the most important issue to consider at all stages of management decisions making and preparation process, it is also an important company dynamic growth factor.

On of major corporate social responsibility functions is a non-financial risk management. JSCo RZD developed its social responsibility in accordance with recommendations provided by leading international non-financial accounting standards is aimed at both demonstrating non-financial risks management quality and corporate social responsibility level to the society and investors, as well as at making the social responsibility an actual tool of the corporate governance.

A Corporate Social Responsibility Report is an important tool for communications between the company and stakeholders in terms of social responsibility implementation. It contains information about all measures taken within social responsibility in JSCo RZD.

Environmental Safety and Compliance

The main goal JSCo RZD pursue in terms of environmental protection is ensuring public health and environmental safety and security. In order to achieve the goal, we plan to perform the following until 2025:

  • A decrease in emission of pollutants from stationary sources into the atmospheric air by at least 18%;
  • A decrease in utilization of water resources by at least 20%;
  • A decrease in the discharge of wastewaters into surface water-bodies and on the land surface by at least 18%.

According to estimates prepared by International Energy Agency and International Union of Railways, JSCo RZD is one of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly railway company in the world. JSCo RZD transport more than 86% of cargo and over 85% of passengers using sustainable electric power.

From 2011 to 2017, the total amount of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere was decreased by 33%, and discharge of wastewaters decreased by 54.6%.

Since 2015, JSCo RZD participates in finding solutions for problems of climate change and its consequences, as well as implements a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program into its operations.

In 2018, the company managed to decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by 45.7%, which corresponds to levels of 1990 with a comparable amount of transportations. This became possible due to a balanced use of indirect emissions after thermal and electric power use.

Work with JSCo RZD

JSCo RZD is one of the largest employers in Russia.

The company has over 1 million employees in all federal districts of the Russian Federation, 16 railways (branches), and several dozens of functional branches and business units.

There are 9 railway university complexes that prepare professionals for the company, that including classic universities, technical schools, and colleges.

Specialist training is arranged in corporate training units: 51 technical schools and training centers.

Education and Science

Educational facilities operate for about 130 years within the railway transportation system. By now, JSCo RZD has established 275 educational institutions (226 kindergartens, 19 comprehensive schools, and 30 boarding schools) for about 42 thousand pupils, that including 37 thousand children of company employees, and more than 6 thousand teachers work there. 

RZD’s Young Generation

The Youth of Russian Railways target program (for 2016–2020) is a basic document for the youth policy in the holding.

The program is targeted at engagement and professional becoming and the development of young specialists.

Today, there are over 340 thousand young workers aged below 35 in JSCo RZD, which is 42.2% of all employees in the company. More than 40 thousand people study within JSCo RZD target programs in railway universities and technical schools (colleges). Annually, over 8 thousand graduates of higher and secondary schools of professional education start their career in branches and structural units of JSCo RZD.

There are 25 children’s railways in JSCo RZD system. Currently, there are more than 19 thousand young railroaders study there. 


JSCo RZD has over 1.9 thousand specialized sports sections for the most popular sports working on corporate sports facilities, 46.0 thousand people doing sports there on a constant basis, including 39.2 thousand of RZD’s employees and their children.

JSCo RZD team takes part in annual cross-sports championships of International Railway Sports Association.

Concert exemplary orchestra of Russian Raiways

In order to keep continuance of traditions of industry sport, there are corporate championships arranged for employees’ children every year. More than 50 thousand children take part in them.


There are 1.1 thousand clubs operating on Russian Railways’ cultural facilities, about 36 thousand people take part in activities arranged by these clubs, including 29 thousand of RZD’s stuff and their families. About 20 thousand cultural events are arranged annually.

Traditionally, we hold celebrations on our railways dedicated to the National Defenders’ Day, International Women Day, Victory Day, Day of Rail Worker, and Company Day.


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