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Sep 21, 2018
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Sep 20, 2018
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Sep 20, 2018
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Sep 19, 2018
Oleg Belozerov, CEO of Russian Railways, takes part in Summit of Railway Leaders in Berlin
Sep 19, 2018
Russian Railways and SNCF sign road map to develop cooperation
Sep 19, 2018
Russian Railways signs up to international agreement on creation of UNIFE consortium for quality standardisation
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Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

  1. Social responsibility of Russian Railways
  2. Social Package for Employees and Pensioners
  3. Housing Policy
  4. Industrial safety
  5. Health
  6. Sport
  7. Culture
  8. Education and Science
  9. Youth
  10. Social responsibility reports

New railway uniformAs a socially responsible company, Russian Railways bases its human resources policy on long-term investment in personnel.

Russian Railways invests heavily in staff development, supporting a broad educational and training network specialising in the railway industry, and providing student scholarships. The company’s facilities range from pre-school establishments and schools to study centres, universities, and R&D institutes specialising in railway transport and engineering - including 17 study centres and 33 technical railway centres.

Through its environmental programme, Russian Railways has successfully reduced the emission of pollutants into the air, water and ground in recent years, while increasing productivity.

By making rail an attractive alternative to airline routes, Russian Railways is allowing Russians to cut back on air travel and reduce their environmental impact.


Social package for employees and retired staff

The individual social package for current and retired staff includes:

  • Free single rail tickets in passenger train compartments and free annual passes on suburban trains.
  • Medical treatment, including under the company’s system of voluntary medical insurance.
  • Treatment and leisure at the company’s health resorts, with the cost subsidized by Russian Railways.
  • Provision of material support to maintain the health of staff.
  • One-off retirement bonus paid for conscientious work.

 The collective agreement also provides for:

  • Additional leave in the event of marriage or childbirth.
  • Payment of benefits for children.
  • Monthly benefits to staff on maternity leave.
  • Indexing of wages to increases in the consumer price index. .
  • Various other guarantees.

The social package for pensioners who are not working consists of:

  • Monthly material support through the Honour charity.
  • Guarantees of domestic fuel (coal, peat).
  • Medical aid and treatment in sanatoria.
  • Dental prostheses and their repair.
  • Annual tickets allowing free travel on suburban and long-distance trains.


Housing Policy

Russian Railways pays particular attention to solving the housing problems of its employees. The company developed and approved a housing policy up to 2010, along with regulations for implementing it. The board passed a resolution (Section 9.23 of Protocol No. 78) on 23-24 December 2009 to adjust the policy during 2010, and extend it to 2015.

The housing policy includes:

  • the provision of accommodation from the company’s housing stock;
  • the company’s Mortgage Programme;
  • the provision of grants to partially cover the cost of purchased residential accommodation.

In 2009, Russian Railways invested 3.945 billion rubles in housing construction, commissioned the construction of 1,341 homes totalling 93,700 square meters, and awarded 2,369 subsidised mortgages amounting to 4.2 billion rubles.


Industrial safety

RZD are provide  employees with modern
   certified personal protection equipmentRussian Railways prioritizes occupational safety, in view of the range of factors that can affect the health of people working in rail transport.

Every year, at least 0.7% of the company’s operating costs go towards improving working conditions and safety, in addition to special clothing, footwear, personal protective equipment, and medical examinations.

We also provide employees with modern, certified personal protection equipment, significantly reducing the risk of occupational illness or injury. The company also takes a range of measures to reduce injuries in the workplace and the level of occupational illness.



Russian Railways provides a full range of medical services based on both compulsory and voluntary medical insurance, and puts an emphasis on transport safety and preventive medical care.

The company maintains an efficient system of corporate healthcare, including:

  • clinics
  • outpatient departments
  • first-aid stations on rail lines, with recently installed automated diagnostic centres for check-ups
  • mobile hospitals for staff in remote regions, where medical facilities are often lacking
  • well-equipped sanatoria throughout Russia, open both to staff and to the general public

Russian Railways provides free medical coverage for employees and their families.

The company has developed a range of health measures aimed at maintaining workers’ health and supporting their recovery from illness, thereby increasing staff productivity and prolonging careers.



Russian Railways supports national sport at all levels through its active involvement in sponsorship and charities. This raises the profile and prestige of the rail sector at home and abroad, and encourages railway employees to exercise and take part in sports.

The company sponsors professional sport and athletics teams which carry the Lokomotiv name. Many of these have won several championship titles both in Russia and internationally.

Russian Railways has developed a special sports programme based on the Strategy for the Development of Health, Fitness and Sport at Russian Railways up to 2012.

The programme provides for:

  • improvement of sport facilities;
  • getting workers involved in physical activities and sports;
  • social benefits to subsidize the cost of attending fitness centres.



Concert exemplary orchestra
   of Russian RaiwaysRussian Railways takes seriously its responsibility to make a contribution to society, and supports major projects in various areas of cultural and social life.

The company has begun collaborating with the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, which houses one of the world’s largest collections of art and culture.

The Great Siberian Road programme is intimately associated with the history of the Russian railway network, and is unique in both scale and conception. It commemorates the Trans-Siberian Railway, which was built between 1890 and 1905, and is a celebration of Russia’s creative potential. This programme represents a major step in promoting the historical heritage of Russia’s railway. The company will finance it with its own funds.

The company provides charitable assistance to public and religious organizations, as well as to foundations, associations, art unions and various non-profit social organizations.

We are now drawing up a Strategy for the Development of Cultural and Educational Work at Russian Railways up to 2013.

Thousands of clubs and groups are active at Russian Railways, involving more than 53,000 people.


Education and Science

Russian Railways invests heavily in the education and training of its employees and their children, supports a large educational and training network specialising in the railway industry, and provides scholarships to students.

The company’s facilities range from pre-schools and schools to study centres, universities and R&D institutes specialising in railway transport and engineering.

However, many of the company’s educational facilities fall short of modern requirements, as the buildings and facilities are in many cases outdated and in urgent need of repair or replacement.



Russian Railways has developed a Youth of Russian Railways programme, which focuses on young people as the basis of the company’s development. The main goal of the programme is to attract, train, and develop young staff.

 Main tasks:

  • providing young employees with commercially viable and balanced social and material support;
  • improving career counselling, training, and professional development;
  • labour socialization, and adaptation of young staff to the company’s corporate environment.


Children’s Railways

Russian Railways currently operates 25 children’s railways, where around 13,000 children get the chance to learn about trains.

Each children’s railway has an activity group called "Young Rail Workers", where schoolchildren learn about the history of the railways, and the basics of specialised railway professions. There are also groups for technical creativity, art, singing, dancing, train operation, and sport.

Every two years we hold a nation-wide rally for these young rail enthusiasts.


Social responsibility report 2007 (5.2 Mb)

Social responsibility report 2006 (2.17 Mb)


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