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Oct 16, 2019
CEO of Russian Railways proposes introducing uniform quality service standards on international trains in 1520 space
Oct 15, 2019
"Complying with delivery deadlines is one of the keyparameters in transport services" says CEO of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov
Oct 15, 2019
71st meeting of Council on Rail Transport opens in Minsk
Oct 15, 2019
INTERTRAN project presented to seminar at UIC Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly
Oct 14, 2019
Russian Railways, RDIF and Saudi Railway Company agree on cooperation
Oct 10, 2019
Allegro passenger numbers increased by 15.9% in nine months of 2019
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Investor Relations
Green Financing

Green Financing

Green financing

Вокзал сочинский регион

Green Projects as integral part of
Russian Railways long-term investment objectives

One of the Russian Railways key strategic objectives by 2030 is priority use of green technologies and a double decrease in environmental load, recognizing that railway is still one of the transportation modes with the lowest level of harmful effects on environment.

Rail transport = Green transport

Rail transport is one of the most environmentally-friendly modes of transport. The energy efficiency of rail transport is better than automobile transport by 2-3 times, both in freight and passenger transportation. More than a half (43.8 thousand km) of the 85.6 thousand km of operational length of Russian railways is electrified. Moreover, more than 86% of the cargo and the passengers are transported on electrified rail systems.. According to the International Energy Agency and International Union of Railways1, Russian Railways is one of the most energy efficient railway companies across the globe. Russia ranks first in energy efficiency of freight rail traffic compared with other European rail systems, the railways of China, Japan, India and the USA, and ranks fourth place in passenger rail traffic energy efficiency after India, China and Japan.

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Листинг галереи влево

Листинг галереи вправо

RZD’s actions for environment protection

Ласточка в пути

An important part of the development strategy of Russian Railways is to ensure environmental safety.

The key documents in the environment safety field are:

  1. Policy of environmental and labour protection and industrial safety.
  2. The environmental strategy of JSCo "Russian Railways" up to 2030 (currently being updated).
  3. The Long-Term Development Programme up to 2025 approved by the Russian Government’s Decree No. 466-r dated 19 March 2019.

According to the Long-Term Development Programme the environmental targets up to 2025 are the following:

  • A decrease of harmful substances emissions into the air from stationary sources by 18% against 2018;
  • A decrease of greenhouse gas emissions by 4.5% against 2018;
  • A decrease in utilization of water resources by 20% against 2018;
  • A decrease in the discharge of wastewaters into surface water-bodies and on the land surface by 18% against 2018;
  • An increase of waste reuse by 2.4% against 2018.

Investments in ecology and results

The Company’s investments in environmental safety exceeded 8.5 billion rubles in 2018. This allowed the Company to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere by 4.3%, discharges of polluted wastewater by 11% and to eliminate 12 sites of accumulated environmental damage (for example, petroleum products warehouses and repair depots, spent fuel oil, diesel fuel and other chemical compounds).

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Листинг галереи влево

Листинг галереи вправо
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Листинг галереи влево

Листинг галереи вправо

To ensure the environmental monitoring of the company’s branches, Russian Railways has created a comprehensive monitoring system that includes 56 stationary environmental laboratories accredited in the national accreditation system, 53 car laboratories, 12 rail wagon laboratories.

Laboratories carry out quantitative chemical analysis of samples of natural and waste water, soil, waste, industrial emissions, etc.

Laboratories are equipped with modern analytical equipment, which allow analysis of all types of pollutants.


Вагон-лаборатория изнутри

If inconsistencies are detected, corrective measures are taken immediately: equipment adjustments are madefor wastewater treatment and emissions, cleaning of ground surfaces and other measures.

1 https://www.iea.org/, https://uic.org/


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