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Sep 19, 2019
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Sep 19, 2019
Container traffic on Trans-Siberian increased by a quarter from January to August 2019
Sep 17, 2019
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Sep 11, 2019
Allegro passenger numbers increased by more than 16% in January-August 2019
Sep 05, 2019
Oleg Belozorov: "Russian Railways plans to reduce delivery times from Japan to Europe via Trans-Siberian to 14 days"
Sep 05, 2019
Russia and Japan to create Russian-Japanese Centre for Preventive Medicine and Diagnostics
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Freight customs clearance

Freight customs clearance

Businesses intent on conquering new markets find that representing their interests before the customs and tax authorities is often a risky part of their work, in particular since standards and regulations are constantly changing and their future commercial partners are frequently far away.

Russian Railways provides services as a single customs broker. In addition, Russian Railways is always ready to organise a temporary customs control zone at virtually any railway station to reduce significantly organisational costs for export and import rail shipments.

The Centre for Customs Activity at Russian Railways offers the following services:

  • consultancy to senders/recipients on the transportation of goods undergoing customs control at railway departure and destination stations, port stations and railway border crossing points;

  • support for senders/recipients in setting up customs control zones at destination railway stations for the temporary storage of imported goods in accordance with customs legislation;

  • customs clearance of export, import and transit goods.

Over 800 customs control zones have been established at all Russian Railways' branches and railways to clear goods.

GEFCO offers its clients professional consulting services in accordance with their specific profile and supports them when they are introducing reliable and simplified technical methods aimed at reducing risk to zero, while simultaneously enabling them to take advantage of the benefits provided by international regulation.

As an authorised customs broker since 1971, the group offers audit services and solutions to the technical challenges of representing client interests before the customs and tax authorities in order to ensure to the maximum extent the smooth passage of physical flows, reliability, process optimisation and costs minimisation in accordance with international rules. The methods applied by GEFCO's work teams combine reliability and fast responses to developments as they occur.

The development process at GEFCO consists of 4 stages:

  • Audit of customs operations and VAT: organising physical and information flows, identifying disruptions and failures in their functioning ;

  • Proposed actions and solutions: well-developed technical solutions which take into account the tasks of the enterprise and aim at reducing customs and tax risks to zero by exploiting every opportunity for optimisation;

  • Implement tools and processes, either by facilitating change at the client, or by directly implementing customs clearance and tax and statistical reporting operations;

  • Track performance and continuous improvement.

In conjunction with a specialised partner RZD Railways Logistics, we offer a full range of services to arrange documentary support for commodity supplies and prepare customs clearance.

Available services:

  • Customs clearance of import and export goods

  • Preparing the full package of necessary documents

  • Continuous monitoring of all stages of customs clearance procedures for freight

  • Certified bonded warehouses

  • Representing clients before the customs authorities

  • Certification of goods

The Central Directorate for the Management of the Terminal and Warehouse Complex at Russian Railways offers warehousing and the secure storage of goods, as well as customs clearance of export and import shipments, including temporary storage and in customs control zones. All storage areas and grounds are equipped with facilities for loading and unloading and storage, cargo inspection and other control procedures. More than 800 customs control zones, each of which can carry out customs clearance, are in operation at all railway branches.

Russian Railways may, if necessary, propose a single customs broker. In addition, Russian Railways is ready to arrange the time period for customs control at virtually any train station, thus significantly reducing the organisational costs for rail export and import shipments.


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