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Jun 28, 2017 04:48
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Jun 08, 2017
Russian Railways, JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and Belarusian Railways sign memorandum on cooperation within framework of Eurasian Economic Union
Jun 08, 2017
"The volume of international freight shipments along the East-West Corridor could exceed 127 million tons by 2020" says President of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov
Jun 08, 2017
RZD Holding is working to create a unified information system which combines different modes of transport
Jun 07, 2017
"Russian Railways has formed a portfolio of competencies to open up international markets," says Oleg Belozerov
Jun 05, 2017
Mobile app RZD Passengers for iOS platform now uses Apple Pay technology
Jun 03, 2017
RZD Holding, JSC Sinara Group and Siemens sign agreement of intent to create new Lastochka modifications
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Shareholder Information

Shareholder Information


The founder of Russian Railways is the Russian Federation.


The Russian Federation is the sole shareholder in Russian Railways. The Russian Government exercises the powers of the shareholders on behalf of the Russian Federation.

Share capital

The founder formed the authorised capital of Russian Railways by contributing assets and property complexes from federal rail transport organisations.

As of 21.12.2016, the authorised capital of Russian Railways was 2144,315141 billion roubles divided into 2 094 315 141  ordinary uncertificated registered shares with a nominal value of 1000 roubles per share and 50,000,000 preferred uncertificated registered shares with a nominal value of 1000 roubles per share.

Emission of Ordinary Shares

Official Registration NumberState Registration Date of IssueNumber of Shares in the Issue
1-01-65045-D 02/12/2003 1,535,700,000
1-01-65045-D-001D* 13/12/2007 5,997,819
1-01-65045-D-002D* 23/12/2008 41,500,000
1-01-65045-D-003D* 25/08/2009 11,318,400
1-01-65045-D-004D* 04/03/2010 60,000,000
1-01-65045-D-005D* 23/12/2010 43,611,848
1-01-65045-D-006D* 31/03/2011 40,000,000
1-01-65045-D-007D* 21/12/2011 48 587 521
1-01-65045-D-008D* 20/03/2012 40 460 952
1-01-65045-D-009D* 27/12/2012 60 832 676
1-01-65045-D-010D* 23/07/2013 31 745 352
1-01-65045-D-011D* 26/12/2013 27 724 619
1-01-65045-D-012D* 22/05/2014 12 973 678
1-01-65045-D-013D* 19/08/2014 12 070 500
1-01-65045-D-014D* 29/12/2014 4 708 977
2-01-65045-D 20/02/2015 50 000 000
1-01-65045-D-015D* 18/06/2015 64 280 838
1-01-65045-D-016D 29/12/2015 8 950 000
1-01-65045-D-017D 10/03/2016 47 380 991

Due to the expiry of three months from the date of registration of reports on additional issues of ordinary uncertificated registered shares 1-01-65045-D-001D, 1-01-65045-D-002D, 1-01-65045-D-003D, 01-65045-D-004D, 01-65045-D-005D, 01-65045-D-006D, 01-65045-D-007D, 1-01-65045-D-008D, 1-01-65045-D-009D individual numbers (codes) 001D, 002D, 003D, 004D, 005D, 006D, 007D, 008D, 009D were annulled by decisions of Russia’s Federal Financial Markets Service; due to the expiration of three months from the date of registration of the additional issue of ordinary registered uncertificated shares 1-01-65045-D-010D, 1-01-65045-D-011D, 1-01-65045-D-012D, 1-01-65045-D-013D, 1-01-65045-D-014D, 1-01-65045-D-015D an individual number (code) 010D, 011D, 012D, 013D, 014D, 015D was annulled the decision of the Bank of Russia.


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