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Sep 19, 2019
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Sep 05, 2019
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Investor Relations
Investment Programme

Investment Programme

549.6 billion rouble investment programme of Russian Railways for 2018 approved.

The priority task during the current year is to implement projects relating to the instructions issued by the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation.

The execution of these projects is carried out with state support.

In 2018, Russian Railways will continue work on the Baikal-Amur Main Line (BAM) and the Trans-Siberian Mail Line modernisation projects, the complex reconstruction of the Mezhdurechensk-Taishet section, the development of the Moscow transport hub, the renovation of the railway infrastructure on the approaches to the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin, the construction of the Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway line and the development and renewal of the railway infrastructure on approaches to the ports of Russia’s North-Western basin.

The implementation of projects aimed at improving the railway infrastructure on Northern and Sverdlovsk Railways has been launched in order to increase the capacity for additional freight traffic as part of the projects to build the Northern Latitudinal Railway and build up diametrical intracity railway services on the Moscow transport hub.

Projects related to the execution of orders of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation are characterised by their high budget efficiency and strategic importance for the development of the economy, as well as the maintenance of the country's security as a whole.

These measures also have a positive impact on the economy of the country as a whole, including the utilisation of construction capacities and the creation of new jobs.

In the process of developing the 2018-2020investment programme, a new section was envisaged. As part of this, starting in 2018, new large-scale projects for the development of the railway infrastructure are being launched that will stimulate the country's economic growth and ensure the optimisation of the transportation process.

The implementation of these projects envisages ensuring that financing is in place ahead of time in order to ensure predictable volumes of freight and passenger traffic.

Since 2018, preparations have been made for the implementation of projects such as the:

creation of specialised passenger and freight railway lines to the Centre-South, which provides for the electrification of the Rtishchevo-Kochetovka section, which transports mainly freight traffic, and the Ozherelye-Uzlovaya-Yelets section, which mostly ainly passengers;

creation of a transport link to Sakhalin Island;

implementation of the second stage of the development of the railway network in Russia’s Far Eastern region, including measures to develop transportation links from the Kuzbass.

In addition to the development of the railway infrastructure, the Company is concentrating its investment resources on projects to renovate fixed assets. The implementation of these projects is aimed at ensuring health and safety, such as providing transport and fire safety and updating civil defense facilities, as well as ensuring technological stability in the production process, improving traffic safety and maintaining the existing through capacity.

Work is also continuing on modernising the railway infrastructure, reconstructing the railway track and constructing and reconstructing the artificial structures on the island of Sakhalin.

In 2018, OJSC Russian Railways is also continuing to implement its programme to update the traction and motorcar rolling stock fleet.

In addition, research and development projects and social development projects are being implemented.

In order to determine the priority areas for the implementation of investment activities at Russian Railways, strategic planning is carried out with the participation of the Committee on Priority Investment Projects of the Company's Board of Directors.

Particular attention is paid to increasing the transparency of investment activities. Since 2013, procedures have been introduced for an independent public technological and price audit of investment projects that are applied on an ongoing basis.

Structure of Russian Railways Capital Investments (Million Rubles, excluding VAT)

Project 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Expenditure Expenditure Expenditure Expenditure Expenditure Target
Total, including: 467 220.1 395 966.6 365 466.6 376 371.7 479 491.0 549 589.9
Projects related to the implementation of instructions from the Government of the Russian Federation 95 994.0 68 371.5 138 863.1 173 705.1 194 403.4 210 894.4
Development of railway infrastructure to serve the transport needs of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 1 827.9 1.3
Combined (Road and Rail) Link between Adler – Alpika Service Ski Resort with the construction of a continuous second railway line between SochiAdler – Vesyoloe 38 800.8 819.4
Infrastructure development in preparation for the Olympic Games 5 417.1
Modernisation of the railway infrastructure on the Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian Main Lines with the development of through and carrying capacity* 4 072.8 21 656.1 64 208.8 83 526.2 70 999.4 86 200.3
Integrated development of the section between Mezhdurechensk – Tayshet at Krasnoyarsk Railways* 1 709.0 4 639.7 5 949.4 4 766.5 3 646.4 6 756.1
Developing and modernising the railway infrastructure on the approaches to the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin** 1518.7 3838.2 5 825.3 18 229.7 28 912.2
42 101.2
Development of the Moscow Transport Hub 42 309.4 36 504.4 47 750.7 36 839.7 35 593.8
31 103.3
Organising diametrical intracity rail services on the Moscow transport hub* 5 100.0
Construction of Prockhorovka – Zhuravka – Chertkovo – Bataisk railway line 6 310.3 19 321.9 37 554.6 2 212.3
Second track construction and electrification on Vyborg – Primorsk – Ermilovo railway section 285.3 534.1 3 768.5 2 126.2 162.1
Construction of high-speed railway "Moscow – Kazan" 52.9 378.3 5 050.0 8 895.0 7 291.2
16 402.2

 Developing and modernising the railway infrastructure on the approaches to the ports of the North-Western basin

10 147.2 16 954.1
Strengthening the railway infrastructure on Northern Railways and Sverdlovsk Railways for the passage of additional freight traffic as part of the project to create the Northern Latitudinal Railway* 2700.0
Constructing the western bypass at the Saratov junction on Volga Railways with the strengthening of the Lipovsky-Kurdyum railway section* 96.4 1 364.8
Russian Railways’ own projects: 371 279.0 327 595.1 226 603.6 202 666.6 285 087.7 338 695.6
Railway infrastructure development projects 9 926.5
Electrifying the Rtishchevo-Kochetocka stretch (specialisation for freight traffic)* 760.0
Reconstruction of the Morozovskaya-Volgodonskaya stretch* 447.3
Constructing a railway line to the North Terminal Complex at Sheremetyevo Airport* 2 291.0
Programme for changing the appearance of the Moscow railway hub “Through the Eyes of the Passengers”* 2 385.0
Developing the Perm - Solikamsk connection* 336.6
Developing the Perm railway hub with the construction of a river crossing* 423.0
Electrifying the Ozherelye - Uzlovaya - Yelets connection (specialisation for passenger traffic)* 738.1
Modernising the Baikal-Amur Main Line and the Trans-Siberian Railways (II stage)* 270.0
Increasing the throughput capacity of the Artyshta - Mezhdurechensk - Taishet section* 1 275.4
Constructing the Selikhin-Nysh railway line with a passage across the Nevelsky Strait* 1 000.0
Ensuring rail transport safety 56 107.6 46 900.2 44 289.5 41 666.1 114 805.6 97 514.3
Removing infrastructure constraint 161 435.1 140 297.3 74 312.7 45 171.5 62 451.1 108 291.4
Improving the Russian population's access to transport 17 217.5 12 389.6 8 184.8 12 246.2 15 608.1 9 564.0
Renewing rolling stock,including: 118 682.4 104 408.8 88 788.4 91 337.6 76 964.1 104 641.6
Traction rolling stock 92 455.6 83 994.5 66 204.3 73 542.0 61 168.2
83 399.9
Freight rolling stock 221.3 272.5 310.6 275.2 280.9
Passenger and freight rolling stock (purchase of leased property) 149.6
Motorised train units 25 856.0 20 141.8 22 273.4 17 520.4 15 515.0
20 856.6
Other Projects 17 836.5 23 599.2 11 028.2 12 245.1 15 258.7 8 757.7

The decision to begin the implementation of new priority investment and development projects of Russian Railways should be taken upon consideration of the Committee for Priority Investment Projects of the Board of Directors at OJSC Russian Railways. In addition, the parameters for the implementation can be refined based on the results of consideration by the Committee for Priority Investment Projects of the Board of Directors of OJSC Russian Railways, the Board of Directors of OJSC Russian Railways and the Interministerial Working Group on the Development of Railway Transport.

** The investment amount might be clarified in accordance with the results approving the parameters of project financing from state funds.


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