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Русский Oct 15, 2018 11:15
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Oct 11, 2018
Temporary changes to timetable of train number 13/14 Strizh Moscow - Berlin
Oct 11, 2018
RZD Holding and Belarusian Railways agree to joint development of China-Europe-China transit services
Oct 11, 2018
Get 60% discount on Leo Tolstoy train from October to December
Oct 10, 2018
Russian Railways is the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly railway company in the world
Oct 10, 2018
Allegro tickets up to 25% off during New Year holidays
Oct 08, 2018
Electronic ticket sales increase by a quarter in 9 months
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Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of OJSC Russian Railways

Oleg Belozerov

Deputy Managing Director – Chief Engineer of OJSC Russian Railways (Deputy Chairman of the Board)

Sergey Kobzev

Academician, Federal State Institution Russian Academy of Sciences (by agreement)

Alexander Bugaev

Deputy Managing Director, OJSC Russian Railways – Head, Traction Directorate

Oleg Valinsky

Deputy Managing Director, OJSC Russian Railways – Head, Central Infrastructure Directorate

Gennady Verkhovykh

Senior Advisor to the CEO – Chairman of the Board, OJSC Russian Railways

Valentin Gapanovich

Head of Innovation Development, OJSC Russian Railways

Alexander Zazhigalkin

Deputy Managing Director, OJSC Russian Railways – Head, Central Directorate of Traffic Management

Pavel Ivanov

President, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education – Rostov State State University of Railway Transport

Vladimir Kolesnikov

Managing Director of VNIKTI (by agreement)

Valery Kossov

First Deputy Managing Director, OJSC Russian Railways

Anatoly Krasnoschek

Chairman, Joint Scientific Council, OJSC Russian Railways

Boris Lapidus

Director, Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science, N. S. Solomenko Institute of Transport Problems (by agreement)

Igor Malygin

First Deputy Managing Director, OJSC Russian Railways

Vadim Mikhailov

First Deputy Managing Director, OJSC Russian Railways

Alexander Misharin

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (by agreement)

Alexander Morozov

President of the Federal State Budgetart Educational Institution of Higher Education, Russian University of Transport (MIIT) (by agreement)

Vadim Morozov

Head, Department of Technical Policy, OJSC Russian Railways

Alexander Nazarov

Director for Passenger Transportation, Russian Railways

Dmitry Pegov

Managing Director, Joint Stock Company Institute of Transport Economics and Development

Fyodor Pekhterev

Managing Director, JSC NIIAS (by agreement)

Igor Rosenberg

Head, Department of Economic Conjuncture and Strategic Development, OJSC Russian Railways

Anton Ryshkov

Managing Director, Autonomous Not-For-Profit Organisation Institute for the Study of Natural Monopolies (by agreement)

Yuri Saakyan

Member of the Presidium, Central Council of War and Labour Veterans of Railway Transport

Vladimir Sazonov

Director, Power Complex, OJSC Russian Railways – Head of Transenergo

Valentin Sanko

Managing Director, Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programmes, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, LLC UK ROSNANO

Andrey Svinarenko

Deputy Managing Director, OJSC Russian Railways

Andrey Starkov

Managing Director, JSC VNIIZHT (by agreement)

Victor Stepov

Deputy Managing Director – Director for Internal Control and Audit, OJSC Russian Railways

Anatoly Chabunin

Director for Information Technologies, OJSC Russian Railways

Evgeniy Charkin

Deputy Managing Director – Head, Department of Traffic Safety and Security, OJSC Russian Railways

Shevket Shaydullin

Deputy Managing Director, OJSC Russian Railways

Dmitry Shakhanov

Referent, Department of Technical Policy, OJSC Russian Railways (Secretary of the Council)

Tatyana Tymanyan


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