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Apr 28, 2017 17:03
Latest news
Apr 28, 2017
Russian Railways announces FY2016 results according to IFRS
Apr 21, 2017
Oleg Belozerov took part in Session of OSJD Managing Directors' Conference
Apr 20, 2017
President of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov: "By offering passengers a comfortable atmosphere and new services, we are creating a favorable environment for the development of railway tourism"
Apr 19, 2017
RZD Holding completes construction work on X Trans-European Corridor in Serbia
Apr 18, 2017
Russian Railways' President Oleg Belozerov sums up Company's performance in January-March 2017
Apr 14, 2017
Passenger numbers to foreign countries increased by 16.5% in I Quarter 2017
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Credit Ratings

Credit Ratings

Russian Railways credit ratings are on par with that of the Russian sovereign, at BB+/Ba1/BBB-.

Standard&Poor`s    Moody`s    Fitch


AgencyDate of recent changesLong-Term Issuer Rating
Foreign СurrencyOutlook/WatchDomestic CurrencyOutlook/Watch
S&P 21.03.2017 BB+ Positive BBB- Stable
Moody`s 21.02.2017 Ba1 Stable Ba1 Stable
Fitch 20.10.2016 BBB- Stable BBB- Stable



DateLong-Term Issuer Rating
Foreign СurrencyDomestic Currency
21.03.2017 BB+ Positive BBB- Stable
20.09.2016 BB+ Stable BBB- Stable
04.02.2015 BB+ Negative BBB- Negative
30.12.2015 BBB- Negative Watch BBB Negative Watch
28.04.2014 BBB- Negative BBB Negative
26.03.2014 BBB Negative BBB Negative
20.03.2014 BBB Stable BBB Stable
04.03.2013 BBB Stable BBB Stable
15.03.2012 BBB Stable BBB Stable
24.11.2011 BBB Stable BBB Stable
10.03.2011 BBB Stable BBB Stable
27.01.2010 BBB Stable BBB Stable
22.12.2009 BBB Stable BBB Stable
03.07.2009 BBB Negative BBB Negative
18.05.2009 BBB Negative BBB Negative
09.12.2008 BBB Negative BBB Negative
10.10.2008 BBB+ Negative Watch BBB+ Negative Watch
23.01.2008 BBB+ Stable BBB+ Stable
22.12.2006 BBB+ Stable BBB+ Stable
15.11.2006 BBB- Positive Watch BBB- Positive Watch
11.10.2005 BBB- Stable BBB- Stable
22.09.2005 BB+ Positive Watch BB+ Positive Watch
06.07.2004 BB+ Stable BB+ Stable


DateLong-Term Issuer Rating
Foreign СurrencyDomestic Currency
21.02.2017 Ba1 Stable Ba1 Stable
26.04.2016 Ba1 Negative Ba1 Negative
10.03.2016 Ba1 Negative Watch Ba1 Negative Watch
04.12.2015 Ba1 Stable Ba1 Stable
30.04.2015 Ba1 Negative Ba1 Negative
25.02.2015 Ba1 Negative Watch Ba1 Negative Watch
20.01.2015 Baa3 Negative Watch Baa3 Negative Watch
23.12.2014 Baa2 Negative Watch Baa2 Negative Watch
21.10.2014 Baa2 Negative Baa2 Negative
01.07.2014 Baa1 Negative Baa1 Negative
01.04.2014 Baa1 Negative Watch Baa1 Negative Watch
06.02.2014 Baa1 Stable Baa1 Stable
15.01.2010 Baa1 Stable Baa1 Stable
07.04.2009 Baa1 Negative Baa1 Negative
21.01.2009 A3 Negative Watch A3 Negative Watch
16.07.2008 A3 Positive A3 Positive
24.05.2006 A3 Stable A3 Stable
26.10.2005 Baa2 Stable A3 Stable
08.09.2005 Baa3 Positive Watch Baa2 Positive Watch
08.07.2005 Baa3 Positive Baa2 Stable
23.06.2005 Baa2 Stable Baa2 Stable
12.07.2004 Baa3 Stable Baa2 Stable


DateLong-Term Issuer Rating
Foreign СurrencyDomestic Currency
20.10.2016 BBB- Stable BBB- Stable
13.01.2015 BBB- Negative BBB- Negative
24.03.2014 BBB Negative BBB Negative
25.02.2014 BBB Stable BBB Stable
06.02.2013 BBB Stable BBB Stable
13.02.2012 BBB Stable BBB Stable
21.02.2011 BBB Stable BBB Stable
10.09.2010 BBB Stable BBB Stable
22.01.2010 BBB Stable BBB Stable
15.01.2010 BBB Negative BBB Negative
04.02.2009 BBB Negative BBB Negative
17.11.2008 BBB+ Negative BBB+ Negative
10.11.2008 BBB+ Negative BBB+ Negative
16.01.2008 BBB+ Stable BBB+ Stable
28.03.2007 BBB+ Stable BBB+ Stable
25.07.2006 BBB+ Stable BBB+ Stable
15.08.2005 BBB Stable BBB Stable

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