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Dec 24, 2019

Russian Media

Russian Railways mulls using Kerch Strait port of Taman for deliveries to India

70 million tonnes of cargo are planned to be delivered by rail toward the Taman Peninsula in future

TAMAN, December 23. /TASS/. Russian Railways is studying the possibility of using the port of Taman in the Kerch Strait, connecting the Black and Azov seas, for cargo deliveries to India, the company’s Director General Oleg Belozerov said on Monday.

"We have been ‘unblocking’ the port of Taman (by expanding rail infrastructure in this direction)," Belozerov told Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was surveying a company’s display devoted to the development of south-bound rail infrastructure. "You have set the task for us, and, consequently, we are preparing to carry out huge cargo shipments in that direction, amounting to about 70 million [tonnes]."

"We are looking into different options for exporting numerous types of cargo, for example coal, to India via the Suez Canal. We are working with owners," he said.

According to Belozerov, 12 million out of the 70 million tonnes of cargo, which are planned to be delivered by rail toward the Taman Peninsula, will be bound to Crimea.


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