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Apr 03, 2019

Russian Media

Russian Railways has opened ticket sales 120 days in advance

In response to the numerous requests of passengers, Russian Railways continue to increase the sales opening time for the long-distance domestic trains.

Starting from the 1st of April, the sales opening day is increased up to 120 days in advance for the following routes:

Train № 1/2 "Red Arrow" Moscow — St. Petersburg;

Train № 3/4 "Express" Moscow — St. Petersburg

Also, beginning from the 1st of April, for the summer season (until 31st of August), sales are open 120 days in advance for the following trains:

Train № 5/6 "Ocean" Moscow — Adler;

Train № 101/102 "Premium" Moscow — Adler;

Train № 747/748 "Nevsky Express" Moscow — St. Petersburg;

All speed trains "Sapsan" on the route Moscow — St. Petersburg.

Tickets can be purchased on all available online platforms 120 days prior to the departure. The increase of the sales depth has first been proposed in 2016th, at that time passengers have been provided with an opportunity to purchase tickets 60 days prior to the train"s departure (in place of 45 days in advance). Later on, starting from 10th of December 2017, the sales depth for the tickets has been further increased to 90 days prior to the departure of the train.

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