Feb 06, 2020

Loading volumes of coal delivered to South Russian ports increased 1.5 times in January 2020

Loading volumes of goods dispatched to seaports on the rail network owned by Russian Railways amounted to 25.9 million tons in January 2020, 1.2% less than in January 2019. About 10.7 million tons of freight were delivered to Russia’s ports in the Northwest, 2.9% less than in January 2019, while 7 million tons were dispatched to Southern ports, an increase of 2.7%, and 8.3 million tons to Russia’s Far Eastern ports, a decline of 2.1%.

Coal accounted for 45.7% of the goods exported, while oil cargo amounted to 31.6%, ferrous metals to 8.1% and fertilisers to 5.1%.

Coal shipped to sea terminals amounted to 11.8 million tons, a fall of 1.6%, with 1.2 million tons of solid fuel delivered to Russia’s Southern ports, a decline of 44.8%, more than 3.8 million tons to the Northwestern ports, a fall of 4.3%, and about 6.8 million tons to Russia’s Far East, down by 5.4%.

The loading volumes of oil cargo delivered to the sea terminals in January amounted to 8.2 million tons, up 4.1%, with 3.1 million tons shipped to the ports of the South, an increase of 2.8%, about 4.4 million tons transported to the Northwest, an increase of 4.3%, and 0.7 million tons going to Russia’s Far East, a jump of 8.8%.