Dec 12, 2019

New communication systems and digital and quantum technologies will change the face of transport in the near future, says Russian Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov

Russian Railways needs to take into account a whole range of modern strategic tasks and new directions in the development of railway transport, said the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Head of the Board of Directors of Russian Railways Maxim Akimov.

Akimov was speaking at the year’s final Board meeting in Moscow on 11 December 2019.

"New communication systems and new digital technologies will become solutions that will radically change, and indeed already are changing the face of transportation and logistics. I would like to note that the roadmap for the development of quantum technologies, which was presented by Russian Railways, was one of the best among a very strong pool of technology players," said Akimov, who reminded the meeting that earlier in the year the Board of Directors had approved a strategy for the digital transformation of Russian Railways up to 2025.

Akimov highlighted several key areas in which major changes would take place. Above all, they would be manifested in the growth of containerisation and the global intermodality of freight traffic.

"We are now working on simplifying the procedures at border crossings, setting up traffic-control points in accordance with modern standards and forming a single digital transport space both in the Eurasian Economic Community, and with our partners in the West and our eastern Neighbors. We are talking about a large-scale project to integrate digital ecosystems to achieve the seamless movement of freight," said Maxim Akimov.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation also noted the importance of scientific and technological development and the orientation towards green innovation with a minimal impact on the environment.

"One of the most important areas of development is people. People bring fresh ideas to the industry, design transport hubs and new rolling stock, build and reconstruct infrastructure and drive trains," he said.