Oct 29, 2019

New collective agreement covering 2020-2022 signed at Russian Railways

A collective agreement covering 2020-2022 has been signed at Russian Railways by Oleg Belozerov, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, and Nikolay Nikiforov, Chairman of the Russian Union of Railway Workers and Transport Builders.

"Thanks to the joint work of Russian Railways and the Russian Union of Railway Workers and Transport Builders, the Company’s employees are confident about the future. Russian Railways has managed to create the conditions that allow each employee to unleash their full potential and enable the most qualified and interested staff to participate in solving large-scale problems," said Oleg Belozorov.

The Company CEO also noted that according to the VTSIOM polling organisation, Russian Railways was among the top three most desirable employers for Russians in 2019.

The new collective bargaining agreement preserves all the traditional and recommended social guarantees and benefits for railway workers, especially wage indexation, retirement schemes, non-state pension arrangements, free travel on long-distance trains and suburban services, treatment under the Compulsory and Voluntary Health Insurance programmes, recovery and rehabilitation of workers and their children and benefits for non-working pensioners etc.

At the same time, more than 40 improvements and additions were included in the document during the development process. For example, new items on improving working conditions and women’s health have been incorporated, as well as a mechanism for rewarding active roles, involvement in corporate tasks, and increased support for physical culture and sports, physical education and mass sporting events.

In addition, the new collective agreement provides for the possibility of establishing flexible working times.

"Our new contract is a step forward: it suits workers and helps to maintain stability in labour collectives. It will undoubtedly have an impact on the quality and efficiency of the Company’s employees," said Nikolai Nikiforov, Chairman of the Russian Union of Railway Workers and Transport Builders.