Sep 05, 2019

Oleg Belozorov: "Russian Railways plans to reduce delivery times from Japan to Europe via Trans-Siberian to 14 days"

"About a third of all traffic on the Trans-Siberian Railway consists of freight on routes with Japan," said Oleg Belozorov, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Russian Railways, who was addressing the Russia-Japan Business Dialogue currently being held at the V Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

According to Belozorov, a record volume of more than 45 million tons of freight was transported last year, while container shipments are growing at a faster rate of more than 11%.

"We are trying to provide new services and are reducing delivery times on the Japan-Europe route in order to attract Japanese shippers. We have already reduced the delivery time to Poland to 19 days, and we plan to reduce it even more to about 11-14 days," said Oleg Belozorov.

To demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of the Trans-Siberian route, Russian Railways, together with Japan’s Ministry of Transport, is implementing a series of test runs to ship containers from Japan. On 4 September 2019, for example, the first day of the V Eastern Economic Forum, a batch of containers from Japanese shippers was shipped from Vladivostok using a new, fully electronic single technology for the registration of documents for the sea and rail transport. This new technology allows shippers to save up to four days on paperwork in the port.

"We have named this project INTERTRAN and will replicate the idea on other routes. Today, 5 September, we will also send a container from the port of Toyama," said Oleg Belozorov.

Terminal infrastructure is also under development. In cooperation with Japanese partners, projects are being worked out to create the "Baltic" terminal and logistics complex in the Leningrad region and the dry port of "Primorsky" in the city of Ussuriysk in Primorye on Russia’s Far Eastern coast.

Another area of cooperation is the modernisation of clinics operated by Russian Railways. A pilot project in this area was the creation of a Russian-Japanese Centre for Preventive Medicine and Diagnostics based on the Russian Railways Clinical Hospital in Khabarovsk.

Oleg Belozorov also said that in order to intensify the joint projects of Russian Railways, the Company plans to open a representative office in the Japanese capital Tokyo this year.