Sep 26, 2017

RZD Holding begins regular transit of containers between Europe and China via Kaliningrad Oblast

On 25 September 2017, the first container train to transit through Kaliningrad Oblast from Europe to China arrived at Chernyakhovsk station on Kaliningrad Railways


At Chernyakhovsk station, the containers were loaded from the platforms of the European standard narrow gauge of 1435 mm to the platforms of the Russian 1520 mm broad gauge before being dispatched further along the route to Chengdu in China.


The train is made up of a total of 41 large-capacity containers.


The project is being implemented by Russian Railways, represented by Kaliningrad Railways, and the United Transport and Logistics Company (UTLC).


This new service has thus created an additional corridor which supplements the base route between Dostyk/Altynkol – Brest – Dostyk/Altynkol.

"The development of these shipments through Kaliningrad Oblast was preceded by a tremendous amount of work, as a result of which we had the opportunity to provide a full range of transport and logistics services on competitive terms," ​​said Viktor Golomolzin, the head of Kaliningrad Railways, during the presentation of the new container service.

According to Golomolzin, the line is actively implementing its transit potential and cooperating with foreign partners.

Thus, to ensure the transit of containers along the route developed by UTLC, the management of Lithuanian Railways has been given discounts on the tariffs for the transportation of freight in the composition of container trains.

For its part, Kaliningrad Railways provides the infrastructure for reloading operations. In addition to the terminal at Chernyakhovsk station, the Dzerzhinskaya-Novaya station will be used to reload containers until the end of 2017. At the moment, the construction of a specialised site is being completed here which will be equipped with crane equipment for handling large-capacity containers.

According to Alexey Grom, the President of UTLC, the company plans to increase the volume of freight transportation between Europe - China - Europe, including through Kaliningrad Oblast.

It is planned that during the first stage of the project, up to 365 container trains a year will pass through the terminals of Kaliningrad Railways with the possibility of a subsequent increase in the frequency of shipments.