Sep 26, 2017

Users of "Freight Transportation" electronic platform ordered about 33,500 wagons in 6 months

More than 1,400 users have registered on the Electronic Trading Platform Freight Transportation (ETP FT) during the six months since it began commercial operations.


The platform’s clients booked about 33,500 wagons for transportation.

The Electronic Trading Platform "Freight Transport" was developed as part of the "Digital Railway" programme and launched as a commercial operation on 24 March 2017.

The ETP FT is a unique freight transportation service that allows consignors to order rolling stock transportation belonging to various owners from any point with access to the Internet and to pay for the service from a single personal account or by bank payment.

Orders can be placed for the transportation of freight using covered wagons, gondola cars, cisterns and platforms.

The platform can handle orders for domestic transportation, that is only between domestic stations in Russia which are open for freight operations, excluding port and border stations.

Loading and unloading services and operations with containers and other freight are available at common facilities, as well as freight warehousing services at public and private places. Work is proceeding on the possibility of adding port and logistics services to the platform.

In the near future, the platform’s users will be able to order an integrated door-to-door service. Automated loading schemes may also be developed.

To enquire about the work of the ETP FT, clients can telephone the Unified Call Centre of Russian Railways for Freight Transportation on 8-800-755-00-00 or write to the Customer Support Service for Freight Transportation.