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Feb 15, 2019

“Railway transport is the urban transport of the future,” says CEO of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov

Within the framework of the Russian Investment Forum-2019 in Sochi, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Russian Railways, Oleg Belozerov, has taken part in the session "The Economy of Urban Convenience", which was devoted to the development of Russia’s large and small cities.

The participants in the event pointed to the launch of the high-speed Lastochka electric train services between Moscow and Ivanovo in March 2018 as an example of the development of cities through new transport solutions.

Stanislav Voskresensky, the governor of the Ivanovo region, noted a positive trend in the demand for Lastochka services and a constant increase in traffic volumes, with Russian Railways launching a fourth pair of express trains along this route from 11 February 2019.

"Since Monday, the new Lastochka pair has service, and its capacity utilisation has already reached 72%," said Voskresensky. The governor also noted train’s short travel time en route of just 3 hours 41 minutes.

Oleg Belozerov stressed that the launch of the Lastochka project in Ivanovo was unique because its implementation required an innovative solution – connecting a diesel locomotive to an electric train.

This made it possible to enable the electric trains to run on both electrified tracks (191 km from Moscow to Vladimir) and on the sections of the route which are not electrified (136 km from Vladimir to Ivanovo using the main passenger diesel locomotive TEP70BS).

"Railway transport is the urban transport of the future. Its key conditions are ecology, cleanliness, Wi-Fi and the ability of passengers to work on board while moving around the city. Recently, the Company has done much to build up good logistics within the cities using seamless technology linking the railways, buses and taxis," said the head of Russian Railways.

At the moment, Russia’s entire railway network has about 100 multimodal routes (train + bus) which are very popular among passengers. Thus, in 2018, the Russian Railways’ holding launched a new multimodal route using rail and road transport along the Moscow - Arzamas-2 - Diveevo stretch.

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