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Aug 06, 2018

Number of cars and motorcycles on rail-car transporters increased by 11% during January to July 2018

In January-July 2018 3,200 vehicles and motorcycles were carried on rail-car transporters which were part of the long-distance trains operated by the Federal Passenger Company, a subsidiary of OJSC Russian Railways.

This represents an 11.4% increase over the same seven months in 2017.

In July, 541 vehicles were taken to their destinations by rail-car transporters, an increase of 3% compared to July 2017.


Since the rail-car transporter service was launched in 2012, a total of 19,500 orders have been placed to deliver cars and motorcycles from one place to another.

The most popular routes are Moscow –St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg – Adler, Moscow – Adler and Moscow – Helsinki.

The service is also available on routes such as Moscow – Kazan, Moscow – Petrozavodsk, Moscow – Rostov-on-Don and Rostov-on-Don – Adler.

The necessary documents for car transportation can be obtained from specialised ticket offices of the Federal Passenger Company.

Passengers can also make an application for car transportation thought the website of OJSC Russian Railways, which also provides more detailed information.

The transportation of cars and motorcycles is one of the most popular additional services provided by the Federal Passenger Company

A special wagon which is capable of transporting between 3 and 5 cars (depending on their size) or 8 motorcycles at the same time is included in the train in accordance with advance orders.

Inside the rail-car transporter, special attachments are attached for fastening the cars, as well as fire and burglar alarm systems.

At the moment, the Federal Passenger Company fleet currently has 13 rail-car transporters.

Rail-car transporters now run on eight routes: Moscow – Kazan, Moscow – Adler, St. Petersburg – Adler, Moscow – St. Petersburg, Moscow – Petrozavodsk, Moscow – Rostov-on-Don, Rostov-on-Don – Adler and Moscow – Helsinki.


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