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Jul 19, 2018

Transportation of low-mobility passengers on long-distance trains increased 2.5 times in 1H2018

From January to June 2018, 65,000 passengers with disabilities travelled on the long-distance trains owned by the RZD holding. This figure is 2.5 times more than during the same period last year, when about 26,000 passengers travelled, including 9,000 people on Sapsan long-distance trains.

The RZD Holding is working to improve conditions and increase travel availability and access for passengers with disabilities.

Every year, the Company increases the number of carriages fitted with a specialised compartment through the acquisition of new and the modernisation of existing carriages already in operation.

The construction of specialised carriages includes lifting equipment to help passengers board the train, as well as a vestibule zone and a corridor which allows the passenger to move around on a wheelchair, as well as a wheelchair lift. In addition, the width of the carriage doors has been increased.

At present, 672 staff wagons equipped with a compartment for passengers with disabilities are in operation on Russia’s rail network.

In 2018, the Federal Passenger Company will acquire another 22 such cars, while an additional 43 staff wagons will be equipped with a special compartment during the overhaul.

If no carriage with a compartment for people with disabilities is available as part of a long-distance passenger train, it can be included if the passenger submits an application to the Mobility Promotion Centre of Russian Railways or a ticket office.

Special discounts have been available since 2017. A 50% discount is available to a disabled person and his/her escort in a specialised compartment of long-distance trains run by the Federal Passenger Company and a 40% discount on specialised seats on Sapsan trains.

Specialised places for wheelchair users on Sapsan trains differ from usual ones. Given the special needs, the table does not have a leg and folds up instead.

These places are equipped with a button to call the conductor, while a special restroom designed for use by people with wheelchairs is situated nearby.


In 2017, the remote registration of e-tickets via the Internet was introduced for specialised seats/berths (including with deferred payment).

Tickets can be booked by wheelchair users and accompanying persons registered at the Mobility Promotion Centre of Russian Railways.

The Mobility Awareness Centre also receives requests for situational assistance at railway stations. The Centre can be contacted on 8 (800) 775-00-00 additional 1 (in tone mode).

Requests can be made three days before the train journey, but not less than 24 hours before the delivery of the services.

More detailed information is available on the official website of Russian Railways.

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