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Sep 02, 2019
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Mar 11, 2016

Russian Railways offers 40% discount on Sapsan trains to passengers with limited mobility


To improve transport access to passengers with limited independent movement, Russian Railways will introduce a 40% special discount on all Sapsan high-speed trains departing from 11 April 2016.

As a result, the starting fare on Sapsan trains taking into account the specified discount will be 599.80 roubles.

Seats Nos. 059 and 060 in carriage 6 (and also 16 - if the train is a double formation) on Sapsan trains are dedicated areas for wheelchair users.

Tickets can be booked for these seat for limited mobility passengers using wheelchairs from 60 days before train departure at specialised ticket offices upon presentation of an identity document confirming the invalidity and a disability certificate indicating the disability group and individual rehabilitation programme or habilitation.

Tickets can be booked up to three days before train departure and, in addition and subject to the availability of the designated areas, invalids in all categories can present an identity document and a document confirming the disability in the form of a disability certificate, certificate from an expert medical commission or certificate from a social-medical commission.

Ticket for seats Nos. 059 and 060 in carriages 6 and 16 are on sale at railway ticket offices. Invalids are served immediately, without queuing, in accordance with the Russian legislation.

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