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Feb 11, 2016

Russian Railways and Russian Academy of Sciences sign cooperation agreement


Russian Railways and Russian Academy of Sciences sign cooperation agreement (s)Russian Railways and Russian Academy of Sciences have signed a cooperation agreement.

"Cooperation between Russian Railways and the Russian Academy of Sciences meets in full the modernisation policy, innovative development of the economy and stimulation of innovation in companies with state participation as laid down by the government," said Oleg Belozerov, President of Russian Railways.

The document was signed by Belozerov and Academician Vladimir Fortov, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The new agreement takes into account the previous experience in cooperation between Russian Railways and the Russian Academy of Sciences and specifies the main directions of their future scientific and technical cooperation. The cooperation is aimed at the integration of fundamental and applied science, which will facilitate the use of research results to create innovative technologies and techniques.

The Company also pursues active cooperation within the framework of the Joint Scientific Council of Russian Railways, which is composed of leading industry scientists and representatives of related scientific areas, including on the academic side. This ensures synergies between basic and applied research, as well as the establishment of an effective bridge between fundamental science and practical activity.

Russian Railways and the Russian Academy of Sciences concluded their first agreement on scientific and technical cooperation in 2006. Cooperation since then has resulted in successful interaction in the field of scientific research in the interests of rail transport. This research has been conducted at academic institutions and has produced high level results and a reliable basis for the scientific and technological development of the railways.

In addition, the Russian Academy of Sciences lends great assistance to Russian Railways in the development of strategic documents in the field of innovative development.


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