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Oct 15, 2015

Russian Railways and Serbian Railways complete joint testing of new railway bridge over river Tamish


The Technical Report of the Design Institute SIR in Belgrade confirms that the new bridge over the river Tamish, with the left track of the Belgrade - Pančevo railway line, has successfully passed all the static and dynamic tests. The bridge was built by RZD International, a subsidiary of Russian Railways,

The construction of the 242-metre long bridge across the river Tamish, with a main span of 82 m and five floodplain spans, was completed in mid-September 2015. The bridge was built in accordance with current European design standards (EUROCODE) and in compliance with European quality standard ISO 9001. The Serbian company Mostogradnya was also involved in implementing the project.

The fully-welded construction of the main span is made of stainless steel and will last at least 100 years. In addition to the usual admixtures, the steel used also contains elements for specific additional physical or mechanical properties. Alloy additives increase the strength and resistance to corrosion of the steel and reduce the risk of brittle fractures.

The drive way of the bridge structure has a continuous rail track and allows the passage of modern freight trains and comfortable passenger trains at speeds of up to 120 kph. Painting the bridge using modern materials provides reliable protection against corrosion for at least 25 years.

The Design Institute SIR tested the bridge for the static load from ballast hopper cars fully loaded with gravel. Tests were then carried out with dynamic loads at train speeds of 10, 40, 80 and 100 kph.

The project to modernise the Belgrade - Pančevo line is worth more than $90 million and is being implemented by RZD International. Financing is from a Russian government export credit awarded to the Republic of Serbia.The project includes the reconstruction of the existing line, the construction and electrification of 16 km of new track on the stretch, and the construction of railway infrastructure along the route.


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