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Sep 11, 2015

President of OJSC Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov Makes Working Visit to Armenia


The President of OJSC Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov today paid a working visit to the Republic of Armenia. During the visit he met with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and the Minister of Transport and Communications, Gagik Beglaryan.

Beglaryan congratulated Belozerov on his appointment as president of Russian Railways and assured him that the Armenian Ministry of Transport was ready to provide full support to the Company.

For his part, the head of Russian Railways noted the good prospects for cooperation in the development of railways.

"There have already been positive results. I have no doubt that together we will solve all the problems that face us. We have a lot of work to do together," said Belozerov.

After meeting with Armenia's leaders, the President of Russian Railways presented to the staff at South Caucasus Railways Sergei Valko, who has been recently appointed CEO by a decision of the Board of Directors at South Caucasus Railways.

Introducing Valko, the president of Russian Railways said the following:

"The entire professional life of Sergei Valko has been connected with the railways. He is a graduate of the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering and rose from station duty officer to a senior manager at Russian Railways before joining the top management at South Caucasus Railways. I am sure that his extensive railway experience and decision-making abilities will allow him to maintain and improve the high professional traditions of South Caucasus Railways."

Mr. Belozerov thanked the staff and previous Managing Director Victor Rebets for their work and personal contribution to the Company's development.


Sergei Valko was born on 15 January 1963.

In 1985, he graduated from the Moscow Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner Institute of Railway Engineers after specialising in the Management of Processes of Railway Transportation.

He began working on the railways in 1985 as a station duty officer. Over the years, Valko worked as the station manager, assistant chief of station for traffic safety, chief engineer of the station, station chief, deputy chief of the department and head of the department of transportation and first deputy head of the Orel–Kursk branch, first deputy chief of the Smolensk Branch, first deputy head of the Moscow–Smolensk Branch of Moscow Railways, Chief Engineer of the management body of the Moscow Regional Directorate of Railway Stations, and department chief of the Railway Management Department of the management body of the Gorky branch of Gorky Railways, a branch of Russian Railways.

Since September 2010, he has been the first deputy head of the Central Directorate of Traffic Movement Control, a branch of Russian Railways.

On 26 March 2013 he became First Deputy General Director of South Caucasus Railways.


Information for the Media about Cooperation between Russian Railways and South Caucasus Railway

The concession contract for the transfer of the railway system in the Republic of Armenia to South Caucasus Railway (SCR), created by Russian Railways, was signed on February 13, 2008. The transfer of the railway system in the Republic of Armenia to the concession management of Russian Railways under SCR, which was created for this purpose, has become one of the key elements of the strategic Armenian–Russian partnership.

From 2008 to 2014, under the program of modernizing the infrastructure of SCR, the following has taken place:

works on modernizing infrastructure and rolling stock,

three major railway bridges have been built from the ground up and put into operation, replacing bridges built in 1898 (Zamanlinsky bridge, the oldest in Armenia; the Satani Kamurj bridge; and the bridge on the Kober–Tumanyan stretch),

349.1 km of track, 70 switches, 52 crossings, 36 bridges, and other facilities have been repaired; 616 000 railroad ties have been replaced,

the base of the railroad maintenance station and mechanized distance road in Sanahin has been modernized,

buildings of the main stations of Yerevan, Vanadzor, and Gyumri have been reconstructed,

200.8 km of contact network and 38 substations have been renovated, power lines have been extended 204 km, the electric centralization of six stations and semiautomatic blocking of 10 hauls have been restored, the electrical system centralization of 13 hauls has been modernized, and the production base of the mechanized distance road has been substantially modernized thanks to the acquisition of 32 units of track equipment,

the complex locomotive and wagon depots in Yerevan and Gyumri have been reconstructed,

an automated control system of freight traffic, ticketing, and payments for the use of international freight wagons, etc., has been set up

in the framework of the modernization of rolling stock, 60 cars of multiple-unit rolling stock, 10 CHME3 locomotives, and 8 electric VL-10 locomotives were acquired and 18 VL-10 locomotives and 700 freight and 27 passenger cars were repaired to extend their lifecycles,

special equipment was acquired for instrumental diagnostics of the state of the path.

More than 8.1 billion rubles was allocated for this work.

In total, according to the concession contract for the period from 2008 to 2038, 15 billion rubles is planned for investment in the development of the railways of the Republic of Armenia.

Recall that the signing of the concession contract on transferring the railway was one of the most difficult stages in the history of rail transport in Armenia; in fact there was a question about its very existence in the future. During the years of the concession activity, SCR managed to emerge as an effective national railway company, providing dynamic growth in passenger and freight traffic and major investment infrastructure projects aimed at the development of the Armenian transport system.

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