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Mar 22, 2018 16:33
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Apr 09, 2017

President of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov: "Russian Railways will provide all necessary assistance to passengers injured in train collision on Moscow Railways"


At 22:40 on Saturday, 8 April 2017 an electric train travelling from Moscow to Usovo on the Moscow-Brest line and passenger train No. 3 collided on the Fili-Kuntsevo-1 stretch in the Belarusian direction of Moscow Railways.

As a result, two carriages from the electric train and the locomotive section of the passenger train were derailed.

All trains on the line were suspended.

A paramedic ambulance crew from the Non-Governmental Healthcare Institution at the Road Clinical Hospital named for N.A. Semashko at Russian Railways arrived at the scene of the accident to provide care to the injured.

The Central Directorate of Health at Russian Railways organised support to Train No. 3 by medical personnel.

Following the accident, 30 people with various injuries required medical help. Eight people were hospitalised in various medical institutions in the city of Moscow. All the hospitalised were examined by specialists at the Moscow Directorate of Health of Russian Railways and received the necessary diagnostic and psychological assistance. Their condition is satisfactory and no fatalities are expected.

Medical specialists from Russian Railways will provide further support to all victims, providing them with all necessary diagnostic, medical, psychological and rehabilitation assistance.

During a meeting of the operational staff at Russian Railways, Company President Oleg Belozerov ordered that all the necessary assistance be provided to the injured as a result of the collision, including transportation to their destination at Company expense, as well as compensation for the cost of holiday vouchers.

Managers from Russian Railways are currently visiting the passengers of train No. 3 Moscow-Brest in Moscow hospitals and are learning about the further needs the injured may have in addition to medical care due to their forced stay in Moscow as a result of the collision.

The passengers from train No. 3 Moscow-Brest are insured with the joint-stock company SOGAZ in accordance with Federal Law No. 67-FZ dated 14 June 2012 "On Compulsory Insurance For Civil Liability of the Carrier for Causing Damage to the Life, Health and Property of Passengers."

Trains were delayed from two to 5 hours. Passenger trains No. 3 Moscow-Brest, No. 1 Moscow-Minsk and No. 133 Arkhangelsk-Minsk travelled by a modified route via the Kiev direction, along the Large Railway Ring with access to its route at Kubinka Station.

Passengers of train No. 736 Smolensk - Moscow, which stopped at Odintsovo station, were transported to their destination by road.

Passenger trains No. 26 Minsk-Moscow and No. 40 Polotsk-Moscow were transported not to Belorussian station, but to Kiev station in Moscow to due to the change in the route.

Russian Railways took all possible measures to return to the timetable. Railway staff have already completed the reconstruction work on the Fili-Kuntsevo-1 line of the Belorussian branch of Moscow Railways, which was opened for traffic again at 05:46, and trains are once again running according to the schedule.

An official investigation is now being conducted under the personal control of Oleg Belozerov, the President of Russian Railways, in order to carry out a comprehensive study of the incident on the line Fili-Kuntsevo-1 line of Moscow Railways.

Based on all the circumstances surrounding the incident, an assessment will be made of the actions of those involved at all levels.

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