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Dec 17, 2016

"Constructing High-Speed Lines in Russia would integrate the high-speed networks now being built in Europe and China," says First Vice President of Russian Railways Aleksander Misharin


Aleksander Misharin, First Vice President of Russian Railways, reported on the implementation of the programme to build high-speed railways in Russia to the year's final Board meeting of the RZD holding company in Moscow.

"The creation of High-Speed Lines (HSLs) in Russia would integrate the Euro Carex network, which is now being built in Europe and has projected speeds of up to 300 kph, and the China Railway Corporation network, which achieves speeds of up to 250 kph," said Misharin. "In this context, the construction of the Moscow-Kazan-Yekaterinburg High-Speed Line with an extension to Beijing and the development of the network towards the European Union acquire a new meaning."

According to Misharin, the results of implementing the programme in 2016 had confirmed significant passenger demand for faster services. "More than 15% of long distance passengers had already switched to the new generation Sapsan, Lastochka and Swift trains, with the increase on some lines exceeding 100%," said the Company's First Vice President

Misharin paid special attention to the pilot project to create high-speed networks in Russia and the construction of the Moscow-Kazan High Speed Line.

In particular, he noted the completion of the line's design to Nizhny Novgorod by Russian Railways in conjunction with High Speed Lines, a Russian-Chinese consortium and French technical advisers

"The High Speed Line is an innovative project that uses the latest technologies and solutions which were previously not applied in Russia.

These solutions include above all ballastless track superstructure for speeds of up to 400 kph. We still need to build about 1,500 km of ballastless track. Based on mathematical modelling, the KS-400 contact network has been specifically developed for the line.

The First Vice-President also stressed that one of the most important tasks will be to set up the production of a line of high-speed rolling stock in Russia and pointed out that the projected 12-car train will have operating speeds of up to 360 kph.

In addition, Aleksander Misharin spoke about the development of a concept for a high-speed freight train similar to the passenger train, but with design features that will enable it to carry between 300 and 600 tons of cargo at speeds of up to 300 kph.

According to the First Vice President of Russian Railways, the main tasks in the year 2017 will be to launch the project and begin the construction work on the Moscow-Kazan High Speed Line.

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